Oh, Survivor tonight!

katlanNovember 7, 2012

Ugh, I forgot until just about 5 minutes ago. How could I?


See ya on the other side. I won't type any spoilers of course, but maybe a comment or two.,.,..

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I am glad you reminded me. I would have forgotten all about it. I still can't get used to it being on Wednesday nights.

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I'm all set to watch!

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I know right Marilyn? o.k. soooooo, I freakin' loved it! Finally, some action. Best tribal in several seasons.

It was crazy. And a couple absolute idiot moves, which I also loved, haha.

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I have never seen a tribal like that! It was epic!! Not sad to see that person go.

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Excellent game, tonight!

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I am looking forward to watching it......starts here in 45 minutes.

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Glad the person left.

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sleeperblues and lily, I was glad to see him go also. And what a bawl ass he was in his exit interview. "I've made $60 million playing baseball. I wanted THIS million. This game sucks." Wow, what a class act.

I think Lisa may have just doomed herself. When oh when will these people learn to keep their big mouths shut?

Malcolm showing the idol, dumb. Then Abi whipping hers out? Epic dumb. So funny. DH and I just sat there with our jaws dropped.

I understand Lisa's reasoning for keeping Pete, Abi and Arlis. But what makes me nervous is, sometimes those worthless, undeserving people end up winning. Abi is psycho, and everyone knows it. I haven't really seem anything awful from Arlis. Maybe they are against him simply because he's aligned with Pete and Abi.

I did like the way Pete shut Abi down. I don't think she has had that done to her very often in her life. What a mouthy, spoiled brat. I want to see her go next. I really don't have a problem with Pete either.

I'm rooting for Denise. She is awesome.

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Katlan, I agree about that exit interview. I couldn't believe what a pompous a@@ he was to spew out what he said. I bet when the others find out he was a pro baller they will be so glad he didn't win. I still can't figure out why Dawson didn't out him before she left!

I totally agree about Abi. Spoiled brat is the only way to describe her. She thinks the world revolves around her and she can act any way she wants. She's a perfect example of parenting gone wrong.

I do love Denise, and am rooting for Denise or Lisa. I hope Lisa didn't doom herself.

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Great tribal!!! One swears some of these people have never watched the show before, as many make the same simple mistakes---talking to much,lol

Never was a fan of him when he was a ball player!! What can of moron on his going out speech mentions he was a game 7 world series player??? You mean LOSER!! And talks about the 60 million he made! I'm sure in a bit we will read about him being bankrupt. I think they should keep the "celebrities" out--let the common people win some $$$$$.

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I was glad to see him go, I just did not care for him. I believe Lisa said way too much and seemed maybe not controlling but that she does play both sides~~which is good but do not let each side know it. If I were on the island I would want to ger rid of Abi because she is a brat, she acts like she is entitled to so much respect and goes off when she does not get it~~~I would want her off so I could at least play the game without her snarkyness all the time.

Why Oh Why do they always have to let everyone know they have an idol~~?

Yup, I like Denise also she is a power house!

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I like some of the the celebrities. Lisa seems ok and Jonathon Penner has a lot more to him than I would have ever guessed.

I think Lisa started out ok. Pete was the one who messed up. Lisa did talk to much at tribal. I think Malcolm did the right thing by showing the idol. It would have been worse for him if he had lied. Abi was the idiot in showing hers.

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Really stupid people makes for a great tribal council! Just don't understand why the need to show the idol. The best part of council is watching Jeff's reaction.

I think Lisa blew it last night and that makes me sad because she was one of the two I am rooting for. Denise being the other.

Has Abi smiled since she step foot on the island?

Happy to see Jeff Kent go home :)

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I may have missed something but why don't they like Penner? Because he is a returnee? >>Jeff deserved to go and I must confess I had never heard of him before, but who the heck cares if he was a baseball player? I like Denise and Lisa although she should have kept her mouth shut. People share too much on this show.

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I liked Jeff! He was a real player.

I need to look up the "Ponderosa" videos now that we have a jury building.

Here's the recap, Dalton's back!

Here is a link that might be useful: recap 11/7/12

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I loved loved loved Jeff's reactions at tribal oh priceless!
exciting tribal for sure.
Abi is such an idiot! Does anyone else have an idol they want to share oh yes here wait I have one too! I was laughing out loud! Duh with a capital D!!

Oh MR BIG SHOT BASEBALL STAR what a self righteous pig he is. That was the most disgusting exit speech ever, gee what a role model he is NOT.
I wish he had got busted for who he is I can not believe none of the men on those tribes knew who he was guess they are not into sports much LOL.

I have a feeling Lisa will now be busted for who she is since she opened her mouth and put both feet in. What the heck happened to her did she drink the spill my guts Koolaid? Bet Malcolm does not think she is the church lady now.

I was getting really excited when they were making the plan to get rid of Pete! He and his psycho friend ABI need to go!

and what the heck happened to Penner at tribal he voted for Abi? that was not in any of the plans they had made and if he had voted with the plan it would have been tied between Jeff and Pete, that baffled me. Malcolm's expression as the votes were being called was priceless, especially when that Abi vote came out. They were really all over the place at least one of the bad ones left.

I was really happy to see Penner win that immunity, it was like he suddenly got possessed by some power to win LOL He was way behind then he stopped made some strange faces and bam his arms were moving at lightening speed putting that puzzle together.

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I could not have said it better ravencajun...I am in total agreement with all your comments. I was cheering for Penner to win the immunity.

I don't like Abi at all...and Lisa....put her foot in her mouth. My favorite from the beginning was Malcolm and Denise...they are hard working players....Penner, I believe, is a very sincere person. I would like to see Penner, Malcolm and Denise for the final three.

Did you see Ali's face when RS came to tribal council as a juror...if looks could kill she would be dead.

That baseball player should be ashame of himself...I never heard of him but lets face it I am a Yankee fan...I only know the Yankee players and they are so clean cut with no beards. LOL

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For scenes of the jury players at Ponderosa, the camp where they live after being voted out, just Google "Survivor Philippines Ponderosa." Each video segment is 3 to 6 minutes, usually two segments (sometimes 3) for each player after they leave tribal council, so you'll see "RC part 1" and "RC part 2" .

And here's a snippet of a story from the San Francisco Chronicle about Jeff Kent,

Here is a link that might be useful: loser speech

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I'm liking Penner more and more each week.

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I agree with you Glenda, I like Penner also. I do not understand why everyone does not like the returning people???

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have nothing against them especially since these particular ones had to leave their season from illness or accident so I think it is a fair thing for them to get another chance.
I think Penner is a decent guy.

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I'm liking Penner more and more also. He really doesn't say nasty, hateful stuff about people. He seemed genuinely sorry for the blonde-haired girl that got sick and left, forgot her name. When talking about sending someone home, he says things like i hate to lose them, they really worked hard, etc. Jeff was abnormally set on getting rid of Penner, at least before him. Wonder what we missed/they aren't showing. Or if it was just him bein' a jerk.

I don't like when they bring back former players, unless they are all former players. But in this instance, it doesn't bother me because they left due to injury or illness.

I almost quit watching this show when they brought back Boston Rob, AGAIN, and skewed it so much in his favor to finally win.

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