Good Grief !

monica_paNovember 12, 2012

I just looked at my calendar

Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK !

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Scared me, thinking it was this week. Forgot today is Monday already.
Yep, the 22

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yes, time is flying, Christmas is just around the corner.

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I don't know how the time passes so quickly. I really want to somehow revive the emotions and feelings that used to be part of my holidays. I miss the excitement and good feelings from the holidays with family. I would never have believed that I would feel this way but I just want the holidays to be over. Anyone else feeling this way?

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satine - yes, sorry... I am feeling the same way the last few years. DH has only a 3rd of the income he used to have and I only work part time. So then I load on the guilt by feeling like the holidays are all about what you buy for the kids and g-kids. It's just not very merry when you're poor! Yes, I'm poor and our kids are poor, too! LOL

Seriously, my mom has dementia, I have a kid in trouble, one that's bi-polar and one that struggles financially. It's all about money, health and happiness. When you struggle it's hard to find "peace on earth".

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I could not believe it yesterday when my daughter said it was next Thursday. I thought it was a week from then. Apparently this is the earliest it can happen.

I'm very not excited. I loved Xmas as a child, I loved it as a young adult, I loved it when I had grandkids, now I don't. Grandkids say...something from Hollister or American Eagle...

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I love the holidays but will admit to being under a lot of stress for various reasons this year. I'm going to try to forget some of that & just enjoy the season. There's a lot I wanted to get done for Christmas that I haven't done yet & probably won't at this point. It is truly hard to believe that it's Thanksgiving already.

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I am so glad you posted this!! I thought it was TWO weeks from this Thursday. Holy smokes. I guess you can tell I'm not doing the cooking. I just can't believe how early it is this year.

Thank you. Wow.

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It is a lean year for me as well. My cat has medical needs that wiped out my budget for gifts. Having Purrcy on my lap at Christmas if his heart failure allows will make my holiday special. I just hope that people understand. The children won't be getting big ticket gifts but they really have a lot more stuff than we had as kids so I don't feel too badly.

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holly...if you're like me , a purring kitty beats any present under the tree.

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Sally Brownlee

My budget is a little thin this year too.
I have decided to make jars of instant soup. I got the idea from the KT thread about home made gifts.
So far 6 quart jars of potato soup has cost me about $3 each for jars and ingredients.
If I was smarter, I should have stopped at thrift store for jars...they always have them.
It was super easy to make.
it is also pretty tasty...I hope it is appreciated.

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I thought it's too early. Then I looked at the calendar. Halloween was Wednesday, so Nov 1 was Thursday, and the fourth Thursday of November will be Nov 22. It's the earliest possible day it can fall!So I guess I'll have plenty of time for Christmas shopping!

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same here....I thought it was two weeks away and a Granddaughter informed me how wrong I was.

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If people don't understand holly_on, that's their problem and not yours. Your priorities are yours and just fine. Hope you and Purrcy have a fantastic and healthy holiday season enjoying each others' company.

The year is going quick. As my godmother told me, "the older you get, the faster the time goes". I'm finding that's very true.

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I was thinking of your Thanksgiving this morning.

This week already.........that is early! I always thought it was the last Thursday of the month. Why is it a week early?

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Jasdip, our Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November, not the last. This is the earliest it can be.

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At first, I thought you had seen "Charley Brown".

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Jasdip, the 4th Thursday would often be the last week of the month but this year there's 5 Thursdays in November so it's not the last Thursday. It confuses a lot of Americans too! (As you can see!) I use my alarm program to keep me scheduled for holidays.

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