Ceramic Tile

ivamaeNovember 1, 2013

The home I am in now has quite a few ceramic tile - kitchen, hall, etc. They are a speckled cream color.

I have never had ceramic before so don't know the best way to keep them. Does anyone ever wax them with a non slip wax to make them shiny? These are quite dull and am open for all suggestions.

Thanks in advance

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Well, you don't want a slippery, hard floor. Are these floor tiles?

I had a ceramic tile kitchen counter with raised edges. Every now and then I would spread bleach water all over the counter and leave it for an hour to make the grout sparkle. I could not have taken the chance if the edges weren't raised a little.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

I don't believe floor wax would make the tiles shiny - but would make them very dangerous to walk on. Tiles that are polished by the manufacturer in the production process are shiny. Your tiles sound as if they were produced to be a matte finish.

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I think Walnut is right. My kitchen floor ceramic has a matte finish. I simply use some OxyClean in a bucket of water to clean and it's safe for grout.

I recently bought an Oreck steam mop and I love it. No more lugging round a bucket of water, no more squeezing out the sponge - I just clip a microfiber cloth to the bottom, turn the steam on and clean.

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Yes, I think they are a matte finish and I certainly don't want anything that is slippery. I don't need a fall. I like the idea of a steam cleaner. I will have to look into that.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had great tile installed in my Dallas house and the manufacturer recommended using only very hot water with vinegar in it. I would add just a touch of Mr. Clean with febreeze (the febreeze is in the Mr. Clean), to help the smell. It works fabulously, still all I use today.

I would never put anything like wax or similar on tile. After you have taken a fall a few times on tile you know you don't want it slick.
I made certain to get a tile that was not slippery because we would be coming in from the pool. I had slick marble in my entry and hated it, not something I would pick.
Chemicals can damage tile finishes, if it isn't a porcelain then the color might be only on the surface not all the way through.

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The lady who used to clean for us before we moved, always used a little bit of vinegar in the water, even on hardwood and laminate.

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Do not put wax on them~~I managed an elementary kitchen and the janitor waxed my tile floor, it was not slippery, but the grout was gawd awful ugly after he did it!! I was so angry and he could never get it all off. Made me nuts, it was a brand new kitchen only 1 year old. The floors never looked good;(

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Vinegar and hot water was what the tile cleaning company said to use and at least every other time a regular mop to get the grout. The sponge mops and flat steam mops just go over the surface.

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