What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43November 11, 2012

Sorry I'm late--just got back from our weekly Publix run and got everything put away. It wasn't quite as bad as usual as far as traffic in the store goes. It's usually jam-packed. So I guess shopping at 4:00 on Sunday may be a good thing. :-)

Too tired to cook so I picked up a couple of Stouffer's escalloped chicken and noodles. I'll make a salad and that'll be dinner here. Tomorrow I am making Harry a decent meal. Won't he be surprised!!!

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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That is one of my favorite Stouffer meals.

I had a bowl of great northern beans, a plain hamburger patty, and a sweet potato for my vegetable.


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Just wondering what to have DS went to Applebees and Hooters for his Veterans day freebies. It was raining a lot so I didn't go.Maybe a Stouffer's entree although I was thinking soup

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Chef Glenda was in the kitchen today, faint!

Awesome organic baked sweet potato that I get from Fresh Market. So good it didn't need anything on it.

Sweet Italian Sausage link with mustard to dab a bite into.

Sunday School, this morning, there's always goodies, and lady outdid herself, today. Pimento cheese finger sandwiches, oatmeal cookies, lemon bars, marinated crackers, that's what I tried, but oh so much more.

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I grilled chops again, baked up a sweet potato and fixed creamed spinach again. We like this meal, so good and easy to fix. David will have some chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert, I doubt I eat dessert I will be too full of sweet tater!


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It was pretty close to 60F outside today and we spent a good lot of the day doing Christmas lights and bird feeders-so I decided a bbq would be in order

Grilled up a couple of nice steaks,baked potatoes and corn from the garden-was pretty good!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Not sure yet. Hubby is still sick with the bronchitis coughing crud and I fear I am catching it again from him since I am coughing again.
I have some wings in the freezer I might throw in the oven. Or order a pizza, some thing that takes little effort.

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Poor DH is finally having his surgery tomorrow, so only broth and Jello for him. I just made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich (and felt guilty eating every bite in front of him).

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did randal brand great northern with chunks of ham and stewed tomatoes..side of corn bread...

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Shirley, I bought some dried GN beans at the store today. Found a ham bone with lots of meat on it in the freezer just waiting for bean soup! The chicken/noodle is my favorite Stouffer's meal. Can't always find it, so it must be pretty popular.

Good for you, Glenda. That sweet potato sounds awesome, but the sausage with mustard sound even better.

Minnie, isn't it great that restaurants support our vets so well. Our Hooters closed a few years ago, darn it! I love their wings.

Deb, that sounds wonderful, especially the creamed spinach. We used to eat it a lot until Harry was put on Coumadin. Now we can only have it maybe once a week if we watch his other leafy green stuff. Bet you enjoyed your meal!

Ont Gal, OMG--I wish I was at your house. Don't have to tell YOU to enjoy!!

Darn it, Raven. I'm so sorry your husband it sick and I sure hope you are not getting it again. You sure don't need that! Pray you both feel better in the morning.

Azzalea, is your DH having a colonoscopy? That's what Harry had to "eat" before his. Whatever he's having, I wish him (and you) a speedy recovery and good results. Yes, it is hard to eat in front of them without the guilt feeling. :(

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We're having Rouladen, buttered noodles and a tossed salad. I'm playing bridge tomorrow morning and I have Mexican train here tomorrow night and wanted leftovers for tomorrow so I won't have to cook. This should do the trick although I have some of the chicken leftover from last night, too. DH will have a choice tomorrow.

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Patty--thanks for the kind words and thoughts. No, not a colonoscopy--he's having a hernia re-repaired (had it 'fixed' 4 years back, but it needs a bit of a tune-up). He was supposed to go in 2 weeks ago, then Sandy hit our area, and it was cancelled, well, postponed. It's same-day surgery, though, so hopefully we'll be back by tomorrow afternoon. I think he'll be glad to finally be done with it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well turned out we had to run to the pharmacy so we went through the burger King drive through and I got their new Wisconsin white cheddar whopper, which was very good.

Thanks Patti I hope we both kick it fast, especially him because he hates to miss work.

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DH had oatmeal and I had cheerios for supper

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BLT's here.
Raven, I'm about done my bronchitis. The coughing has all but subsided but it still sounds like I have something in my chest and throat.

I feel for your hubby. I was always told that bronchitis isn't contagious, and no one around me ever gets it. Take care of yourself, just in case.

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Tonight we had spaghetti, salad and garlic bread.

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I made spaghetti meat sauce today using stuff from my garden....I made some roasted tomatoes and basil earlier in the season and had it in the freezer, had some onions I harvested recently and some homemade tomato sauce, too.
I used hamburger and Italian sausage and cooked it with oregano, bay leaf, thyme, rosemary and flat leaf parsley I picked today.
I added some tomatoes I picked today and simmered it for a long time.
It turned out to be very tasty.....I added some pesto I made earlier in the year from the freezer to mine.
And I have of a lot of meat sauce left to freeze.
I forgot to get the homemade bread out of the freezer, darn it.

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It has been a long day. I went to church this morning and afterward, Amber, Alyssa and I went to McDonald's and picked up lunch. We ate at their home and then Cheryl and Kevin came and Kevin tilled up their garden place for winter and I went with them to our home and Kevin tilled our garden and mowed for us and Cheryl raked. I was house cleaning. We decided this evening to order pizza and we picked up two large ones and took them to Amber and Mike's and ate and played with Alyssa. Now I am ready for bed.

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Chicken Fajita's-Yum!

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Lazy today... Zaxby's!

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Love Zaxby's

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX
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