What's for dinner Friday?

patti43November 9, 2012

First, I need to rant! This town drives me crazy. It's bad enough that most streets are numbers, but then you get stuff like 1000 20th St. Road, 1000 20th St. Circle, 1000 20th St. Way. Street Road, what the heck? We had to go to Habitat this afternoon and my Google directions said to turn off 17th St. onto 464A or Lake Weir Road. Never did see a sign for 464A. Couldn't find LW Road, but did finally resort to trying Lake Weir Avenue, after driving around and turning around a gazillion times. Sure 'nuff, it was off Lake Weir Avenue. That isn't even ON my map. GRRRR! I've lived in big cities and a foreign country and never had such a problem getting around---plus the traffic is just awful.

Ahh, all better now :-)

Stopped at Publix on the way home and got a turkey, bacon, gruyere and cranberry sauce sub. They are so darned good. We ate them often last holiday season, which is the only time they are available. Looking forward to it, while we watch Jeopardy.

What are you having for dinner this Friday night?

P. S. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. Yikes!

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Ventured over to Irondale Cafe/Whistle Stop and really looking forward to my usual: fried chicken livers and carrot slaw.

NOT: only smother chicken livers and they looked gross.

Ended up getting a quarter chicken, leg and thigh. Delicious, soaked overnite in buttermilk, but that was NOT what I drove the distance for.

Owner walked by me and ask how everything was and told him I was disappointed in no fried chicken livers.

Never on Fri or Sat. I didn't know that. Guess I've never been on a Fri or Sat.

Anyway, thought of you patti, as I enjoyed a wonderful slice of cornbread and butter.

Told owner as I was checking out about you and your enjoying their cornbread recipe :o) He asked if you made yours in the cast iron skillet.

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I had a ham and cheese grilled sandwich on oatnut bread and of course a piece of the sweet potato pie. Both were pretty good.


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I had leftover corn chowder and a tuna/egg salad sandwich.


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I've got it in the oven. I picked up some marked down sirloin-tip steaks. I have no problem buying meat that's 30-50% off, does anyone else do that?

Anyway, I pierced them and marinated in a soy/oil/garlic mixture all day and after the roasted veggies are done, I'll pop them under the broiler, then slice them thinly. These are a first for me, so it's all an experiment!

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Since Fridays I take those pills for psoriasis that give me horrid headaches, my sweet David brought home Chicken Chimichanga's from our favorite Mexican restaurant with mexican rice and refried beans. Guacamole too! Man was it good and so much in the carry out plate we have either lunch or supper for tomorrow. I was just going to heat up some soup but this was a pleasant surprise and very much appreciated!


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Just wondering what to throw in the microwave. wont be doing any raal cooking until itis cold enough to turn on the oven DS eats what he wants at his house

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Glenda, you can tell him, "Yes, sir. She sure does bake it in an iron skillet." I tried a glass pan and the skillet and it was much crunchier and had more flavor in the skillet. It was my grandmother's and is seasoned so well. I try to take good care of it.

Sue, grilled ham and cheese sounds really good. Did you have whipped cream/topping on your pie? My dad always poured sorghum on his pumpkin pie (which is about the same). I'm not a fan of sorghum, though. Are you?

Jasdip, your post reminded me of our neighbor when we lived in the country. The little store in town would put meat on sale on Mondays. He called it "used meat". He had a NE (Massachusetts) accent, and it sounded so funny to us. And yes, I buy sale meat whenever I can find it. I think you'll love your experiment!

Shirley, are you feeling better today? Your dinner sounds good for someone with a nasty cold. Hope you could taste it.

Debn, how sweet of David. I don't know which would be worse--the headache or the psoriasis. I have it off and on. It seems to leave one part of my body only to appear someplace else. Other than being itchy, it doesn't bother me too much. I didn't know there were pills for it. Seems like the older I get, the more my body breaks out with one thing or another. What a PITA! Enjoy your chimis!

Minnie, I sure hope some of that warm weather comes our way. It was so cold this morning!! Hope you enjoy whatever you decide on. Some nights eating just seems too much trouble, at least to me.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

have the sausage and rice casserole in the oven. My husband came home from work after only a few hours because he was feeling very bad. This is extremely unusual for him, I know he has to feel really bad. So he has been sleeping all afternoon.
He loves that casserole so I hope it makes him feel better.

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We are going downtown for 'Christmas on Main Street'~~to Mrs Tiggy Winkles, it is a wonderful gift shop. The owner serves wine, cheese and goodies outside. Several other shops stay open also and serve yummy things~~~we will wander around and eat some fun stuff and shop. Then we will go to one of the restaurants and have dinner.

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Raven, I hope your DH is better in the morning. Do you think he has what you had? (If I remember correctly, you weren't feeling very well a week or so ago.)

YogaLady, that sounds like such a fun time. Hope you enjoy--tomorrow you can tell us what goodies they served for you to nosh on, okay?

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Patti, I did not have whipped cream on my pie. Yes, I do like sorghum, but I would not want it poured on my pie. Pancakes or French toast would be great.


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