What's for dinner Friday?

patti43November 30, 2012

Tonight we're having salmon patties, potato patties and green peas. Guess what? They called from HD delivery and we're getting our new frig tomorrow between 9:30 and 1:30. Yippee!

What are you having for dinner?

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I don't know. Maybe just a bowl of soup. I got home last night at 6:45 from my golfing trip with the ladies. I was suppose to be at Mexican train at 6:30. Handed DH a bag from Bonefish with an order of mussels, gave him a quick kiss, ran down stairs and changed my top, put on some fresh make-up and took off. Back home again at 10:30 p.m. Couldn't get to sleep last night....1:00 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m.....had about 4 1/2 hours sleep. I played my last round of golf for this year today and then ran some errands. Tonight I'm tired.

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I'm really being lazy tonight. I saw a couple of commercials lately for Wolf brand chili. When I was out today, one of the local stores had it. That's what I had tonight. It has a little more heat than what I like but I was able to eat it without 'damage'.

Patti: Glad you're getting your refrigerator. And, yes, Aldi's allows their checkout people to sit while doing their job.


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Finally, your fridge, Patti!!! My fingers are crossed that it gets delivered quickly and all is well.

It's been cold and dry all week, then today it snowed, and it's really slick out. I went out to mail some letters, pick up a few things and came right home. Lots of accidents all through the city, and on the highways. Freezing rain overnight, so that will make it even worse.

I just made some pizzas from tortilla shells. We like those, as they are so light.

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Shirley, isn't that the kindest thing Aldi's does? I don't know how those people can stand in one place for so long! I've heard of Wolf's chili but never have seen it in the stores here. I don't take heat very well.

Georgysmom, you will probably sleep very well tonight. I could go to sleep just thinking of your schedule :-)

Oh, brrr, Jas! Please be careful if you have to be out. Your pizza sounds really good. Do you use flour or corn torillas? I'm sure you could put just about anything on top that you wanted, but what do you put on yours?

Thanks for the frig comments. I have my fingers crossed. I guess I'll believe it when I see it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a pot of turkey soup cooking and cornbread to go with it. I put a ton of veggies in it to try to help give some flavor to the turkey which was not very good to begin with. Hopefully it will be worth eating.

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Hi Patti,
I had some ham in the frig, so mostly sliced onions, ham, green peppers, olives, spicy pasta sauce and shredded cheese.

The tortillas are good as pizza crusts. Just have to be careful not to overbake it, as we don't like the crust toooo crunchy.
We like the flour as opposed to the corn.

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I keep going into the kitchen to look at my HUGE new fridge. It is so pretty, I just love it so far. Glad you are finally going to get yours Patti.

Tonight we are having Mahi Mahi fish, baked potato and a veggie.

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Probably pizza..dh is off playing poker and dd is having 4 girls over..so pizza will be it.

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I am in San Diego for the weekend~~~on the way in I went to Ocean Beach, just a few miles from the hotel. I was looking for the Ocean Beach People's Food CoOp~~WOW wish we had even a small one of these in my town. Downstairs it is an organic and other good stuff market. Up stairs is a deli all vegatarian food~~~I had wonderful pea soup and the most yummy German potato salad. It was so good, I bought a bigger cup of soup, more potato salad and a kale salad with a lot of different greens in it I have never seen or heard of. Can not wait to eat it all;)

The soups are sold by the cup and the entre' items, sides and salads are all sold by weight~~they fix your plate then weight it all make a sticker for you and you check out:)

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Raven, your soup sounds really warming and good. All those vegetables should add a lot of flavor. I'm betting you're going to love it!

Jas, I'm going to have to try that with our leftover dribs and drabs. Have tortillas in the freezer--maybe tomorrow night???

Nita, you made me LOL! I know I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow. I just can't wait. My sister told me hers is so big she got every casserole that people brought in it until it was time to bake. Wow!

Jewels, what a fun night at your house. I sure miss those days. Happy pizza night!!

Yogagirl, your description of the market made me hungry all over again. It all sounds so good--especially the kale salad. Tell us how you liked it and if you could figure out what all was in it. Sure wish I was there!!

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LOL Pattie I bought their cookbook, but it does not have the kale salads in it, they had three of them. But the girl told me I can come in or email and they will send me any I want~~KEWL!! I just may go back tomorrow and get something for my dinner~~I am sure I will, it was all so good;)

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I made a huge pot of chicken & dumplings today, plus mixed up 4 cookie recipes that I'll bake off tomorrow.

Yep, I'm getting a jump-start on my holiday baking! I bake over 2000 cookies, (not counting the candies) but give most of them away as gifts to Dr., Dentist, Co-workers, UPS driver, mailman, and all of those people you'd like to get a little something for, but a real gift wouldn't be appropriate. They'll keep well in the freezer with my food-saver until the week before Christmas when I tin them up and give them to their rightful owners.

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