What's for dinner Saturday?

patti43November 3, 2012

I've been doing laundry--whites and the sheets. I just use the same sheets and take them off, wash, dry and put them back on the bed. Much easier than folding them :-)

I was inspired by Raven's sausage-rice casserole on last night's post, so I made up my own for tonight. I had leftover corn casserole, rice in the freezer, sausage already thawing so I'll add some onion and green and red peppers to the sausage while it's browning, dump it all together and hope for the best.

What are you having for dinner?

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I sometimes do the same with the sheets.

My main meal: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans.

That is some sandwich you showed on another post, Glenda. I'd do the same with the bread.


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gadgets, especially if you had a huge serving of freshly cut sweet potato fries to go with it.

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Cheryl and I had breakfast at Bob Evan's this morning before I ordered my new refrigerator, so no lunch but for my evening meal I had the great peanut butter sandwich, chocolate cake that was not iced and V-8 juice to drink.


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Shirley, I just love meat loaf--mainly so I can have a sandwich the next day with mustard! Is your daughter still visiting?

Glenda, I aleady commented on your post. I'd love to go to that restaurant. I think Harry would be ever so happy in Birmingham :-)

Sue, if I were you, I'd be too excited to eat! (Because of your new frig.) Sure hope it comes soon.

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I do the same thing about the sheets--so much easier.

DD and a friend were here for dinner.

We had pierogies, fried tomatoes, green beans and scalloped apples with spice cake with burnt butter frosting for dessert

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Chicken and sausage gumbo.

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Steak and baked potato

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Collard greens, butter beans and Rotel tomatoes

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Yellow chicken curry, basmati rice and ratatouille.

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Tonight was Trivia night at our club. They have it once a year. There's a group of ladies whose husbands don't care to go so we get up a table of ladies. We don't usually do too well but have a great time. DH ate the left over hot chicken salad. We had a buffet...not that great but a good time was had by all. Our team came in second from last but wait until next year!

Glenda, that sandwich looks yummy. Was it as good as it looks?

Vetaal.....good to see you posting. How are you doing?

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