What's for dinner Sunday?

patti43November 25, 2012

We're just having leftover chowder. Tonight I'm adding some broccoli because Harry hasn't had enough green vegetables this week and has a blood test in the morning. Am I the only one who thinks Sunday's are boring?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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We had fried catfish.

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Just heating up some chili and going to serve it over rice.
We just sat around and watched a couple of movies online.

An interesting one was Marriage Retreat.

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Everyday is boring when we aren't on the road in the motor home. LOL

Tonight we are having ham steaks, steamed rice, salad and green beans. Coconut custard pie and fruitcake for dessert.

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Fish place for senior day!

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Husband is away deer hunting so I made a nice American chop suey for me.

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No Thanksgiving leftovers tonight. They were good while they lasted but I was happy to give my taste buds something else. I put some lean stew meat in the pressure cooker, later added potatoes, cabbage and carrots.


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Sue, catfish sounds good. Tonight's the end of the daggone turkey. I portioned it out and sealed what we had left for the freezer.

Jas, that sounds like a fun day. I love chili and rice~ Harry'd rather have pasta, but he'll eat it. But that man would eat anything!

Nita, but you can spend your off time planning the next bigger and better trip ;-) Where are you going next? May as well get all the trips in you can while you're able!!!

Glenda, hope you enjoyed it--told you that 'Bama/Auburn game was gonna be a snoozer :-) Auburn's coach, Chezak's father (not sure if I spelled it right)was my daughter's HS principal. Very nice family, but I think coach had better start applying for a new job!! Just sayin'...

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Mustard Short Ribs, baker, peas.

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I should have raided daughters fridge for left overs, before I left there this morning.

I just came home. Will need to raid my fridge, and see whats in there... to find out, what I will be eating. LOL


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Yayagirl, enjoy your "alone" time. Hope your DH brings something home. Or would you rather he not?

Shirley, as much as I love turkey, I've had my fill, too. Like you, I need some BEEF!

Angelaid, your dinners always sound so good they make my mouth water :-)

Yep Moni, you should've relieved them of a little turkey for a sandwich tonight--or a salad with turkey on top. Well, I'm assuming you had turkey?? Hope you found something! Know you had a great time visiting--and aren't GK's the best thing ever?

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We had the last of the left overs. For some reason,after I had Chemo, I could eat turkey ecvery day. I get the sliced oven roasted turkey and have a slice every day.

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patti, he was fired today!


Earlier this morning, I made a recommendation to Dr. Gogue that Coach Chizik not be retained as head coach. He accepted my recommendation, and Coach Chizik was informed of our decision shortly thereafter.

As expected, Coach Chizik handled the news with dignity and class. He knows this is a tough business that often requires tough decisions. Coach Chizik expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to lead our football program for the past four years.

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Mom and I went to a tree lighting ceremony in the nearby city where first everyone sings carols and then the big tree in the old cemetery outside the city is lit. You can see it come alive with lights in the distance from the public square where someone is chosen to push the button.

Afterwards we sing some more and then everyone goes home or wherever. We decided to walk down the square and have supper in the Italian restaurant. I had lasagna and Mom just ordered some chicken strips as she has already eaten a sandwich before I picked her up. I hadn't eaten since noon.
Had a good time even tho it was a cold and brisk 29 degrees.

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Just frozen pizza for us tonight. I'm in the midst of Christmas decorating & didn't want to take time to cook. DH isn't feeling 100% so he didn't want to do it. Neither of us wanted to dirty the clean kitchen since the new dishwasher is being installed tomorrow.

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Sandie, turkey is really a good source of lean protein. Your body must need it if you want it every day so go for it! Sometimes I think our body tells us what it needs. Glad you're feeling good!

Glenda, it couldn't have been a big surprise to Coach Chizik (thanks for the spelling lesson). They've talked about it on ESPN and in the papers a lot lately. Guess the poor guy won't suffer much since he'll still pull in $3.5 million a year for the next three years 'til his contract runs out. Did you go to Auburn? For some reason, I thought you went to Bama. My niece got her BA at Auburn and we went to her graduation. It's sure a beautiful old campus. Lots of tradition there.

OMGosh, Schoolhouse! It sounds like a wonderful evening 'cept for the 29 degrees. Hope you were able to stay warm and enjoy a beautiful evening. We do a similar thing here but have never been to it. Harry can't walk very far and the parking at the town square is very limited.

Kittenmom, enjoy your new dishwasher. Ours konked out earlier this year and I love our new one. You can't even hear it much.

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Patti why are your Sunday's boring? I can say I never have a boring day. For supper we just had eggs, oat nut toast, and I had some smoked sausage with mine. He does not like any kind of sausage. I also had an apple to eat.


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Sue, I think it's a throw-back from my youth. After church we always had a big lunch, almost always fried chicken, and in the afternoon, my older sisters went to the movies or to friends' houses. The younger ones and my parents all took naps. I mainly just read. We never had the TV on during the day back then, unless daddy turned on football. There weren't too many choices anyway with only 3 channels.

When I worked was the only time Sunday's weren't boring. Now, most other days aren't, so that's why I think it's just mind-set.

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