Survivor tonight.

katlanNovember 21, 2012

Wanted to give a quick reminder that Survivor is on tonight.

Man I really, really hope they get rid of Abi tonight. Before everyone starts thinking of her as someone they can definitely beat at the finale.

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I'll be ready.

AND ready to sit down for the night :o)

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Will it be a full real show or one of the recap shows. with unseen footage?

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Thanks for the reminder.


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Oh no, Sushipup, I didn't even think of that. What a bummer if it's just a recap show.

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From the previews it sure looks like a regular episode.

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Thanks for the heads up. I forgot.

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I sweated that one but was glad who went .

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FlamingO in AR

I am so glad the vote went the way it was supposed to. I only wish that Abi had given her idol away. I don't think anyone fell for her "I'm holding back the tears right now" early statement. They didn't start until she finally realized that everyone REALLY doesn't like her, like she had no clue about it, she must be the densest person that ever played Survivor. The way she kept interrupting Denise was hysterical, she has zero people-skills. I think her tears were real at the end, but at least it didn't sway anyone. Yet. I'm sure she'll be playing the "poor, picked-on-me" game next week. (You have to know that RC was enjoying being on the jury immensely.)

In the flip over the big checker challenge, I couldn't believe how many mistakes were made. Abi and Malcolm goofed up and they still managed to win, I'm sure that rankled! Scubin, too, right when it really counted, sheesh! I wonder what the fallout from that was, they didn't show anything.

It was a fun episode. Glad it wasn't rerun stuff.

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I must be a cold hearted person, I didn't feel one bit of sympathy for Abi. I cannot stand people who act snotty, superior, entitled. I think she was crying because she realized strutting her stuff and flirting and treating the girls like crap wasn't working. I think it was probably the first time in her life that she wasn't able to sway people with her behavior. I think there really are people who only care about themselves, and she's one of them.

Glad Lisa FINALLY opened her eyes! Probably too late though. She will be at the bottom of the pecking order. I never had a problem with Pete, he just aligned, obviously now, with the wrong people. Not really feeling Skupin anymore, just something about him. I thought for sure Pete was going to win last night and really throw a wrench in the works, haha.

I am liking Penner more and more every episode. He is not vindictive and nasty. He says I think I have my ducks in a row, but hey, I could be blown out of the water, and kudos to them if they do that. He's playing hard but not mean.

I think Carter could actually be a fly under the radar and end up winning guy. No one really seems worried about him at all.

I have my favs, but honestly, as long as Abi doesn't win, I'm o.k. with any of the others winning.

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Here's the recap.

You can also google "Survivor Philippines Ponderosa" and get the scenes of life at the Jury camp. I have to catch up, I didn't watch the Artis segments last week.

Here is a link that might be useful: recap 11/21/12

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FlamingO in AR

I didn't like Pete because he dug up the HI clue and planted it in RC's bag, leaving it sticking out. That stirred up a hornet's nest (Abi) and caused unnecessary strife, and he was happy about that. If that hadn't have happened, they'd have had better numbers by staying in their tight alliance with Artis and RC.

I wasn't swayed one bit by Psycho Abi's tears, either, but I was afraid the guys or Lisa would fall for it.

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Count me cruel too Kat, but I felt no sympathy for Abi either. I like Lisa and she finally saw the light. I like Malcolm and Denise a lot and was hoping he didn't go last night.

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I want Abi to go next~~then Skupin~~then Lisa~~~I like all the rest so who wins after that is OK with me;)

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