What's for dinner Friday?

patti43November 1, 2013

I had the usual soup. Had crackers today, too. Also a root beer float, which is becoming a habit, it seems. Later I'll have another protein shake.

Friday night is date night for couples, it seems. What do you have planned for dinner?

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We are having Chicken Alfredo with salad & garlic .bread

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I cooked split pea soup, made pulled chicken, and cracker dressing today. Couldn't decide what I wanted of it to have for my supper, so I had a little bit of each.....problem solved.


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We went to the Wright brothers museum today. We've been there before but since we have the National Parks Golden Pass and it was free, we went again. Besides, there really isn't too much to do in the Outerbanks. LOL

We went to the same place today that we went yesterday and had some more oysters. They were so good. Heading home tomorrow. Can't wait to see my new closet and Georgy , of course.

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Hunting season began last week, so I am on my own for Friday and Saturday. Tonight I will have scalloped potatoes and ham. Spent quite a bit of time helping my sister and my mother today. We have crazy, high winds until 8 tonight.

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Soup beans and corn bread!

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We had very high winds overnight with lots of rain. The day was spent doing cleanup. Lots of trees down.

Dinner was just soup from a can with home made bread.

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Orchidllauraga, that sounds wonderful. Do you like to cook?

Shirley, I'd have to have some of each also after smelling them cook. Variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

Georgysmom, I forgot about your new closet. Now that's the way to remodel--go on vacation. And I know Georgy will be ever so happy to see you, too.

Pam, enjoy your "free" time. Hope that wind doesn't do any damage.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

Can't decide what I want.

Ended up having Nathan's hot dogs with horseradish mustard and French fries. Hit the spot.

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Collard greens and butter beans. So good!

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Weight Watchers this morning and all went well there, so for dinner it's In N out burger and will split an order of fries with DH. Can't wait!

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Bigack, beans and cornbread is one of my favorite meals. Sometimes I make the bread-like dumplings and pour the beans over a big ole dumpling. So good!

Mary, I sure hope you weren't out there helping clean up the damage from last night. Not sure how your PT would feel about that.

Walnutcreek, when I can't decide, sometimes I make an fried egg sandwich. Fast, easy cleanup and it fills the tummy.

Hounds, it sure sounds good. I saw a recipe today on pinterest for a soup similar only it had smoked sausage and white beans with the greens. Enjoy!

Matti, now see. Last night you were dreading WW and it went well. Congratulations! I know how hard it is to lose even 5 pounds.

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pam, bow season began here, three weeks ago. Grandson bagged his doe the first day it opened.

patti, thought of you today, when checking on friend who had gum surgery first of the week.

She can't chew for a while, and she was hungry, really hungry wanting good food. Said she cooked turnip greens and cornbread, THEN put it in the blender so she could drink it. Said it still tasted good. :o)

Diplomat Deli for me, today. Cup of their chili with cheese on top and a grilled cheddar on rye sandwich. Hit the spot.

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Papa Murphy's Pizza..long week..so decided to let them make dinner..


Trying their new pan pizza as well as the usual pepperoni for the boys.

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One of our two restaurants in town has catfish on Friday night and it is quite good. I love any kind of fish. I ordered take out and that is what is for dinner. I have enough left for tomorrow!

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Glenda, congratulations to your DGS! Bet he was a happy camper. My problem with eating isn't chewing or swallowing, it's the darned mucositis. It changes the taste of everything and a lot of things stick to the sides and top of my mouth and I have to wash them down with lots of water. A little TMI for a dinner thread, I guess. Sure will be glad when it decides to clear out.

Terri, sounds like a good Friday night plan to me. Enjoy!

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Robert took the day off, which is always a treat! We had some business to tend to and ended the day out for an early supper. Nothing fancy....Jason's Deli....where I had the soup and salad bar and Robert had a half corned beef sandwich and salad.

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Yes I love to cook..but tonight I cheated and used canned chicken and jar sauce. I am afraid I might be getting another kidney stone so that is why I cheated.

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