What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43November 6, 2012

I don't know about you, but I'm about electioned out.

Tonight we're having baked cod and I made taco potato salad, a recipe Glenda had posted some time back. It tasted really good before "aging" in the frig this afternoon. I also made a variation of the Snicker bar cookies Nodakgal posted on this week's recipe post. They didn't turn out quite like they should have but they are better than good! If I don't stop "tasting" I won't want dinner :-)

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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We haven't had fish since we started our trip the beginning of October so that is what we are having tonight. Mahi Mahi, steamed rice, salad and some sort of veggie.

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Oh, gee, guess I'll have to make stops at both your houses, but you wouldn't want me because I have a cold.

I made white chili for my meal. Put it over a half cup of mashed potatoes. I had to drink milk with it as I put too much chili powder in the chili.....a little on the hot side.


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I finished my white chili last week. Need to make some more.

Ranch House, today. Haven't been in couple years and now I remember why.

They had a meat and 3 menu, no meat and 2.

Very dry meat loaf, too much garlic
baby green limas were too soft and underseasoned
turnip greens tasted like cardboard
tossed salad with ranch dressing on the side, which I ate all of it
Cornbread muffin was nice and warm

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I was with the girls and Alyssa most of the day. We had a mid morning breakfast at Bob Evan's, I had my usual, scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and French toast. Water to drink. So for supper I am not eating. We did not have any lunch, no one was hungry. It is getting cooler now here in central Indiana.


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Off to our local wine bar to pick up our wines of the month, so will have appetizers there.

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Nita, great minds think alike! I just remembered, after reading your post, I meant to make a new pea salad recipe I've wanted to try. Oh well, too late now :-) But I do have Bobby's favorite--beets!

Shirley, take care of that cold. You know that saying--feed a cold, starve a fever. Or is it the other way around? Whatever, get feeling better soon.

Glenda, it's so rare that you have a bad meal in B'ham!! Sorry about your lunch.

Sue, I don't blame you for not being hungry. Bob Evan's is a great place for breakfast. I love their pancakes. I saw in the morning paper that your weather was getting colder. Still have relatives up there, so I check the weather daily.

I want to go with you, Terilyn. Do you get samples along with the appies? We used to belong to a wine of the month club, but they stopped shipping to Florida. We would get one red and one white monthly. I think they are allowed to ship here again, but I haven't seen anything advertising one. Guess I really haven't looked.

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This is one son shared during dove season. Sure he didn't take this one but it's cute!

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It will probably end up being my dinner (had it an hour ao) I had two of Ball Parks Flame Grilled Cheese burgers sliders.

A new product I found yesterday. comes two wrapped sliders in a pack and two packs in the box. Micro one for a minute in the wrapper.

Delicious real 100 %beef and just enough (two)

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SENIOR MOMENT: didn't mean to post this here, duh!

Meant to post it as his picture from his tree stand, dumb me!

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I have been attempting to make bread today. We will see, it still isn't in the pans. I'll do that in a minute. Oops the time just went off. Back in a second. Ok, bread is in the pans for the final rise.

DS came over this morning and helped finsih unloading the canned stuff, ect, from the RV. Sure wish we didn't have to winterize it! I am ready to head south in it, but it won't happen this year. When we got that finished I started the bread. After that set to rise, DH & I went to vote, then to Sam's Club. He was out of Pepsi, and I talked him into Rotissery chicken for dinner. I made instant mashed potatoes, some corn for me and opened a can of beets at his request for him. So that was dinner tonight.

We bought stew meat, chicken breasts, and a whole pork loin while we were at Sam's. DH wants stuffed pork chops tomorrow night.

Another hour and I can bake the bread! Yay! Now I remember why I don't like making home made bread. It takes me all day.

Sue, did you sign up for Bob Evans' emails? Every so often you get coupons. Including a buy one get one breakfast.


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General Tso's soy curls, steamed broccoli, garlic kale and jasmine rice!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

well I have had no water all day today since they broke our water main for this area so we are having sub sandwiches.

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patti, wanna know how you enjoyed the taco potato salad.

Did you add the chips when chilling or wait when you served?

I have two luncheons next week, and thinking about making it for one.

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I sure do get Bob Evan's emails, that is why we eat there so often! We used two coupons today for the the four of us, buy one breakfast and get one free. Of course the food is pretty good too.


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