What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43November 7, 2012

We're going out a little later. Don't know where and don't know what I want to eat :-( Sure won't be anything fancy--all the good restaurants are in town.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I have a nice pot roast in the oven with red potatoes and lots of Sweet onion, will cook some rice to have rice and gravy from the roast. It is looking and smelling wonderful.

Been doing double work today since the water outage put me behind with laundry and cleaning.
My little dog demanded I stop and sit in the recliner for a few minutes and hold her. Whew I sure am glad for that lol.

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Is the Hungry Fisherman still on Indian Rocks Beach?

***Need your critique on the Taco potato salad. I thinking about taking to luncheon next week.

In the mood, again, for Hamburger Heaven's chili and chili dog. Good as last week :o)

Finishing up spooning pb from jar I purchased.

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Leftover "junk" (that is what my kids called the quick and simple version of beef stroganoff that I have been making for years) Will add green beans a tossed salad and the ever popular pickled beets. Got some rye rolls and apple butter at the farm market today and will put them together and call it dessert later.

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Yesterday I was stuffed up and knew I was coming down with a cold. Sure enough, I was awake most of the nite.....coughing with bronchitis.

My colds aren't colds; they turn into bronchitis immediately.
I get in to see the Dr. tomorrow so I hate to anticipate another sleepless nite tonight. I have a headache from coughing so much. :(

So this is a long roundabout way of saying that there was a knock at my door and my next door neighbour (who I had given homemade bread) dropped off a large bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. She must have known that I am feeling less than great, bless her soul.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Oh how nice Jasdip that is the best kind of neighbors.
Hope it fixes you right up.

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I hope you get to feeling much better, jasdip. I have something similar. I've rested a lot but as soon as I doze off, I start coughing.

I made three dishes yesterday. I had the spaghetti tonight. Pulled a piece of homemade bread from the freezer to have with it.


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Just a really simple dinner. Baked some big baking potatoes. Topped them with BBQ beef that had vegetables added, and a sprinkling of cheddar cheese (and a dollop of sour cream on mine). And as long as the oven was on anyway.... I made an apple pie. That will be nice later in the evening

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I made a big pot of sauce, complete with meatballs and we had spaghetti....while I was in the mixing mode, I also made a meat loaf and stuck it in the freezer for whenever......

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Jody brought me a hamburger when he came home. It was kinda cold...but I ate most of it and I am glad I don't have to cook since I have everything in the kitchen clean.

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I kept busy with some housework today and canned 3 pints of chicken broth I had from cooking Izzi's chicken. No room in the club house freezer for it, so just canned it. I was invited out to lunch and joined Cheryl, Amber and Alyssa. I had the Richard's Famous hamburger and the salad bar. Everything was very good. So for my evening meal it was just some hot tea and a carton from the snack pack of tapioca pudding. I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.


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I grilled Italian Sausages on the grill. Sauted sweet onions and red bell peppers to put on them and made fried apples slices to go with that sausage dog. It was very good.


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Jasdip, I hope you're feeling lots better very soon.

We had leftover meatloaf, roasted mixed root veggies and waldorf salad. Very good!


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That new diner is only open for breakfast and lunch, so we ended up at Bob Evan's. I had my usually pancake and sausage and Harry had blueberry crepes. Not my favorite place, but clean and a pleasant wait staff. As we were leaving, I could smell yeast rolls baking and almost got hungry all over again!

Seems like you all had busy days. Jasdip and Shirley, hope you feel better soon.

Glenda, last time I checked (eons ago) the Hungry Fisherman was still there, but I believe it's in Indian Shores, which is just south of IRB. I'll ask my DSis. Haven't been there for years so I can't tell you if the food is still good. Harry just loved the potato salad. I would've liked it better with a little less taco seasoning in the mayo. Don't put any extra salt in it since the taco seasoning has plenty. Taste later and add if you think it needs it. I followed the directions to the "T" since it was the first time. Don't think I'd do anything differently, 'cept for the seasoning.

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I made my first recipe off Pinterest last night. Was supposed to taste just like Olive Garden pasta fagioli. Basically hamburger, pasta, beans, carrots/celery/tomatoes and spices. It was pretty good, esp since it was made in the crockpot and just waiting for us, nice and hot on a long cold day! Plus it made 5-6 servings, so dinner last night and tonight, maybe even tomorrow!

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