What's for dinner Monday?

patti43November 19, 2012

Been cleaning all day, plus had to make one last (hopefully) trip to the grocery and help Harry take our trash to the compactor. Cleaning is almost finished so tomorrow I'll start cooking for Thanksgiving.

Tonight we're having scrambled eggs with cheese and some thick sliced corned beef from the freezer. Biscuits, too.

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Your dinner sounds scrumptuous!

Was headed to Brava for chicken salad and caesar salad, but car decided to go a bit futher for Mexican, so I ended up with a tamale and a soft beef taco.

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I had book club this morning after which I did the final run on my Thanksgiving grocery shopping. I came home and put the freezer and refrigerator stuff away, made a quick sandwich and went to bridge. After bridge, I went to Trader Joe's and Fresh Market to get all the remaining ingredients I need for after Thanksgiving meals. DS looks forward to some good home cooking. I have a small pork roast in the refrigerator and that's what we're having tonight with the two remaining twice baked potatoes and some stir fried carrots, celery and pecans. I'd better get to work!

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Made liver and onions last night, and it was too much, so that is dinner tonight, along with steamed broccoli.

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LOL, Glenda! My car would head for a tamale, too. I just love them.

Georgysmom, you've had a really busy day. I sure miss Fresh Market. I need to make more twice-baked potatoes and freeze them. They're so good, and so easy after they're in the freezer. Love the sound of your carrots. Yum!

Phyllis, I'd sure love to be at your house tonight. You made my mouth water. I have to have a liver fix soon!! Been too long.

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Every time one of you talks about freezing twice baked potatoes, I tell myself that I'm going to do that some day. Do you fix them entirely and just wrap and freeze? What all do you put in yours? How do you reheat them?

I made salmon tonight, along with a sweet potato, and had some celery strips and radishes.


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I think the same thing, Shirley. I've never frozen them. In fact, I don't make twice-backed as often as I would like.
I just never think of it.

Dreary, cool day, so I had Chicken Marabella marinating all day, and we had that with rice, and broccoli.

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Shirley/Jasdip, I hope Georgysmom posts how she does hers. I usually get 3 rather large baking potatoes and bake them until they're tender. Let cool a little. Cut in half and scoop out most of the pulp and grate it with a box grater. I add butter, S&P, a little milk, grated cheddar and chopped green onions. Mix it together and refill the potato shells. You can put whatever you like in them. Then I put them on a baking sheet, freeze them and transfer them to a freezer bag. (I seal mine now with the Food Saver.) Then just use them when we want one. I don't defrost--just bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes, I think. I usually don't add sour cream until they're ready to go on the table because it tends to break down. But I've never tried it--maybe it doesn't.

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I cooked a ham this afternoon to slice up and freeze for cooking with beans and other things. So we had some slices off of it along with steamed rice and Brussel sprouts.

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Thanks for the info, patti. I've copied/pasted it into my recipe files. I hope I don't forget I have it.


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Twice baked potatoes don't last long enough to freeze them in my house! I, alone, could eat several in one sitting. Seems like I once ate 8 of them at my mom's table, back when I could eat everything and not gain weight.

What did I eat Monday? Nothing. We had our work Thanksgiving potluck. I was still full! I probably had some slices of colby/jack cheese.

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