What's for dinner Monday?

patti43November 5, 2012

I just woke up from a long nap--or rather Harry woke me up. I sure wish I could sleep that good at night. I feel great!

Tonight we're having cubed steak with bread and gravy and lima beams. The bread and gravy is a throw-back from my childhood and now Harry likes it, too.

What are you having for dinner at your house?

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Graveside service for friend at 1:00, and I was pushed to meet friends that were riding with me.

Gobbled down a ham on wheat sandwich and after the funeral peanut butter crackers.

Veggies tomorrow for sure.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

The left over chicken and sausage gumbo.

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Today was my big grocery shopping day. Way too tired to actually cook or clean up after that. So I had a chicken pot pie. I get them at Aldi's and they're made with all white meat, big chunks, and the pie is about 50% larger than the regular ones.


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Glenda, it was a hard day for you. So sorry! BTW, I love those peanut butter crackers with a cold coke. Naughty, but nice.

Raven, I think it would be even better tonight, at least I always seem to like things better the second day. Maybe because I just had to warm :-)

Shirley, why is it grocery shopping is so tiring? Maybe it's the crowds (at least at our Publix) or maybe because of the bill at the checkout!! We should try Aldi's. It just isn't as convenient as our other stores. Harry and I could probably share one that big. Enjoy!

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Well, I have tons of leftover curry but Lauren went to the dentist this afternoon and had no cavities, so I offered her a treat. She picked Mexican food! So, we split a shrimp fajita meal. There was so much leftover that we had to bring about half of it home.

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Kathleen, good for Lauren! Just what a mom loves to hear. Now you have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow and you won't have to cook. Good news all around.

Cheryl, I could eat tacos every night. I just love those messy things ;0

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