What's for dinner Wednesday?

patti43November 28, 2012

We're having leftovers of whatever is in the frig tonight. It hasn't been my best day ;-)

What ae you having tonight?

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Poor, patti :o(

Jason's Deli: single serving of tuna salad and crackers

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Sorry Patti. I had a pretty good day. We gals went shopping and had lunch at Cracker Barrel. I had the veggie plate. I had fried okra, dumplings with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and a baked sweet potato. I did not order the mashed potatoes but they had them on my plate under my dumplings, so they were a freebee. I also had a biscuit. This evening I just had a chicken sandwich. Hope things get better for you Patti.


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I'm not having what I planned, but that's okay. I had lasagna from the freezer....and a half slice of bread.

Sorry to hear it hasn't been a good day. I know the feeling. I've had a really hard/bad week which is still going on.


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I have been busy with Bobby and Amber today, they are staying for dinner. Tonight we are having hamburgers on buns, salad and garlic/parsley potatoes.

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Thanks--it wasn't that bad. I just hate to have confrontations (read my refrigerator post). It could be a lot worse and I should feel grateful for the blessings I've received. Shame on me!

Glenda, I wish I could make a really good tuna salad. I like it out, but not crazy about the salad I make.

Sue, did you find any good bargains at the grocery? Our flyers just don't have that many for things we use/need anymore. Wish I hadn't frozen all that leftover turkey. Your chicken sandwich made me want a turkey one :-)

Shirley, I'm sorry about your week. Mine was just a mere inconvenience. We had lasagne (Stouffer's) last week while I was cooking for T-giving. Man, that's good stuff. I'm sure your homemade was better, especially with homemade bread.

Nita, don't you find kids are much more appreciative after they're own their own for a while. I'm glad Bobby's doing well and hope you had some beets for dinner! LOL!

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Something quick and easy...fish sticks, mashed garden potatoes with Gorgonzola, fresh wax beans and pumpkin pie for dessert.

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I'm back! LOL

I grilled St. Louis ribs on the grill after marinading them in teriaki(I know that isn't spelled right!). Cream spinach and wild rice. The ribs were delicious! David had a couple cookies for his dessert.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We have plenty chili and cornbread left from last night so that is dinner, it was great last night but will even better tonight (I hope)

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I had a long day; left work at 7:15pm after arriving at 8am. Came home & fixed myself an "Egg McMuffin" with Pepper Jack cheese & a cup of hot chocolate.

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