What's for dinner Thursday?

patti43November 15, 2012

I'm beginning to sound like a recording, but we're having orzo-tomato-chicken soup again tonight. I had frozen it in packets just for nights like tonight when I've been working and don't have time to cook.

I cleaned out the dreaded refrigerator and vowed to never, ever again save leftovers if there isn't enough for both of us to have another meal. Harry just doesn't eat like he used to, so it ends up getting thrown out anyway. And, wow, now I have room in the frig. Let the holiday cooking begin!

What are you having tonight for dinner?

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Lunched with dearest friend, who is back in town after 3 weeks traveling. Gotta have catchup when she's home, before she and DH leave again.

Brava for lunch: she's my "rabbit" and had a salad and seasoned fries with freshly grated parmesan.

I had their rotissorie dark meat chicken, with caesar salad and seasoned fries.

We both enjoyed our lunch tremendously.

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Evening Patti. I don't even feel hungry. Had lunch at noon at Richard's with Cheryl, Amber and Amber's neighbor and little boy. We adults all had the famous burger plus the salad bar. I have been adding more things to my new refrigerator and trying to learn more about it. I really do like it. I like the pull out snack drawer, great for desserts to keep cold. For supper not sure, not very hungry.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I had enough energy to drag stuff out of the pantry and put together a meatless vegetables stew. It was basically open cans cut up vegetables throw in to the pot. No idea what it is going to be like but this illness has taken away our taste, as my husband said it all taste like roadkill.

By the way he just found out that every one in his office building has been sick with this stuff so now we know where it came from.

I have been living on toast and boiled eggs for days now so hopefully this stew will get some nutrition in us.

I hope no one gets bit by this bug!

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My main meal today: Beef and noodles, a hard cooked egg, and a slice of buttered homemade bread, taken from the freezer.

raven: What is it with the germs this fall? My cold is still lingering. I assume the bug your family has is a stomach bug. I hope the stew does help strengthen the both of you.


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I agree, Patti. We should throw it out to begin with but most of us feel it has to stay in the fridge a few days in order to become "garbage" so we can throw it out with a clear conscience. I often put it in the freezer and after many months, have no idea how long it's been there. Tonight we're having chili, compliments of the freezer, and some corn bread. It's chili tonight so that should warm us up.

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Leftover (from lunch) Cantina burrito from Taco Bell. It's huge so there was more than enough for two meals. I think they're trying to copy Qdoba burritos. It was ok but the meat quality not quite as good as Qdoba.

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Glenda, lunch is always more fun with friends. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'd like your lunch better, though :-)

Sue, we rarely eat an evening meal after eating out earlier. No sense eating if you aren't hungry. I'd be so thrilled to have a French-door refrigerator. Harry looks in the frig and stands there with the door open and, I'm ashamed to admit, I keep hoping the motor will die. :-(

Raven, you poor thing. That stuff really has a hold on both of you. It's terrible when both get sick at one time. Hope your veggie meal helps heal you both. It's really bad when your food tastes like road kill LOL!!

Shirley, I hope you are feeling better soon, too. You had a great meal, though. So just try to get lots of rest.

Georgysmom, I declared war on the leftovers. No more, EVER! I'll either seal it or dump in in the disposal. My frig was beyond belief. Plus, I have way too many leftover containers--Ha! I actually threw out some chili today--one lunch-sized serving. Sigh!!

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Last night I saved the little bit of leftover stew. Not enough for 2, but there was enough gravy along with a few bits of veggies to serve it to dh over 2 slices of bread. Added a salad for him and I fixed myself an egg sandwich on multigrain toast with ketchup. That is something I often get hungry for. We were both happy campers.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Gadgets, I agree that the germs are ugly this season. I have been hit twice now but they were not the same. It is like a flu I guess, no stomach problems other than you just have no appetite or energy to fix food. There's some diarrhea involved. The worst by far is the rib cracking coughing. I am sure everything is bruised from it.

Thanks for the good thoughts!

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I had a hamburger patty and mashed potatoes. Recovering from dental surgery, so having to eat a fairly soft diet.

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Kathleen, is Qdobo a local restaurant? I don't think I've ever seen one aroud here. Come to think of it, I haven't seen a Taco Bell, but I'm sure there are some. Our side of town sorely lacks in the restaurant department!

Gazania, I'm glad that works for you but, knowing Harry, he would want what I was having. And I would much prefer your egg sandwich, myself!!

Marilyn, glad you have done so well after your surgery. I'd sure like to have that. I'd be happy with just the potatoes. Yum!!

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Rib steaks and baked potatoes last night.

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