What's for dinner Tuesday?

patti43November 20, 2012

Thank heavens I found a bag of vegetable beef soup in the freezer or we'd be eating...nothing! I finished cleaning the house this morning and this afternoon I made cranberry sauce, sauteed the celery and onions for the dressing, made sweet and spicy nuts (pecans/cashews) and made the noodles.

After dinner, I'll cut the noodles and let them dry overnight. Wanted to make my yeast rolls, but for the life of me I couldn't find the yeast. I know I have a jar of it somewhere--just saw it not long ago. Decided I'm going to BUY the damned rolls since I have to make a pumpkin pie--I guess I've told too many people how good the Marie Calender pumpkin pie is. Not one to be found.

Got a serious cooking day ahead of me tomorrow so I have lots of time to visit with my sweet DD and family.

Have you started prepping yet? My mother never did anything except thaw the turkey and toast bread for the dressing. Everything else was done the day of. (Of course, she had plenty of help with 6 girls.)

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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Not much prepping for my country lo boil for Thursday. Did buy the shrimp, and already bought the other fixings, so I'm set.

My car made it to Bravo and soooooo good.

Chicken salad with golden raisins, almonds, honey mayonnaise.
Caesar salad
couple pita wedges

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Brava not Bravo.

And found out their serve wild rice with veggies. Gonna get that next time.

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Taco Bell, for myself. Lauren had leftovers from eating out last night with her father, Duray is going to some Thanksgiving thing at school shortly so I went to Taco Bell.

I decided to make my Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow since the kids are going to their father's on Thanksgiving day. that way they won't have to not eat at my house before they go to his.

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Sour cream chicken enchiladas and pinto beans for us.

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I've been working all day. Would you believe I still haven't completely switched my closets around so I did a little of that today. Also did two loads of wash and then started cooking. So far I made the corn bread for the stuffing. I just used Jiffy since it seemed like such a waste to make it from scratch when you're going to add all that other stuff to it. I made a big pot of spaghetti sauce so I wouldn't have to spend all day in the kitchen when DS is here. I will bag that up and put in the freezer. He can take a bag home with him (I think it's called a bribe....that's why he loves to come and visit). I also prepped the green beans for Thursday, made some wheat rolls and par baked them. Will freeze and finish baking what I need on Thursday. Tonight I will make the cranberry sauce, butternut squash soup and a small butternut squash casserole since I'm the only one that likes it. Tomorrow is cleaning day for me and will do the stuffing and apple pie tomorrow night. We won't eat till 6:00 on Thanksgiving day because DS will be driving here from Pittsburgh. That gives me plenty of time to finish of the cooking.

Tonight we're just having meatloaf sandwiches. Oh, and you wanted my twice baked potatoes recipe which is very similar to yours:

Sour Cream Stuffed Potatoes

3 large baking potatoes
3/4 C. sour cream
1 T. grated onion
1 tsp. salt
1/2 C shredded cheddar cheese

Bake potatoes one hour at 400. Cut in half lengthwise. Scoop out potato leaving a little in the shell for body. In large mixing bowl, Mix scooped out potato with remaining ingredients. Restuff shells and place on baking sheet. Freeze and then put frozen potatoes in zip-loc bag for later use. (I usually double recipe. I also put a pat of butter on top of potato when rebaking. Bake frozen potatoes at 400 45 - 55 min.

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Glenda, that would be a hard choice between the wild rice and the chicken salad. I just love wild rice. But I love chicken salad, too.

Kathleen, you're gonna be a busy girl tomorrow. Lucky you, though. You'll have nice leftovers for Thursday. Hope you have that day off, too.

Georgysmom, I bribe, too. Or at least I try. I have many goodies for DD to take home. She always thinks we're going to starve if she takes leftovers home. Ha! I was glad to see your recipe for the twice-baked potatoes. I'll add the sour cream next time. I always put a "little" butter on top of mine, too. Just think! In three days it'll be all over 'cept for the leftovers ;-)

Jude, holy cow, does that sound good. I think I need to smell something different than Thanksgiving!!

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Thanks for adding your recipe for twice baked potatoes, georgysmom.

I decided to have breakfast tonight. I had ham, french toast, and an over-easy egg. Had a cup of decaf to go along with it all.

glenda, those vegetables with wild rice sounds very good.


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I am thinking of making tacos and fresh guacamole

I am not cooking any thing ahead of time, it is just the two of us and I am not making a big deal. The turkey, rice and gravy, a sweet potato for me and a broccoli cheese dish or steamed Brussels sprouts have not decided.

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Cheryl and I worked most of the day moving canned stuff out to the garage. Of course we had to make room in the garage first. She is still here decorating for Thanksgiving. Her husband Kevin came with a pizza and breadsticks and two kinds of pasta from Pizza Hut. It was good. Thankful I did not have to cook. I could sure go to bed now.


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Huge pot of homemade chili! Will take some in for DBoss and a friend, if I remember, in the morning!

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