I'm not a happy camper--new refrigerator

patti43November 28, 2012

This new refrigerator is getting to be a PITA. They called last evening and told me the delivery gate was locked and gave me a number to call at 7:00 this morning to re-schedule. At 7:30 I called the number. Got the answering machine. Left a message. Called again at 9:15 after I didn't get a call back. Got the machine again. 'Nother message. Finally at 9:45 I called Home Depot delivery number and was told that they had re-scheduled for Saturday. WHAT!!! They said the company that delivers for them had come so they'd kept their end of the bargain. While I was on the phone with HD, I finally got a return call from the delivery company.

I was steamed, so I gave myself time to think it through. I looked in our OTOW phone directory and the delivery gate is opened from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. So I called them and asked if there may have been a reason for closing the gates early last night. I was told that they'd been opened until the usual closing (they keep a log of who's coming in) and said someone was pulling my leg (in other words lying through their teeth).

Geez, sorry this is so long. I called the company back and got an actual human who said that when the driver got to the gate, he was told they don't accept deliveries after 6. I asked him why it was easier for them to unload that big refrigerator than reschedule someone else. Was told they didn't want to put anyone out--WHAT ABOUT ME?? I also told him I wasn't going to call HD and report it because I would hate for them to lose their contract with HD in these hard times. (This is true--I would hate to be responsible for putting anyone out of work.) But I told him he needed to have a long talk with his delivery men and pointed out the guy had told me and him two different stories.

Sure is a good thing my old refrigerator is still plugged in and working. You'd hear me in Alaska if I was having to buy ice for coolers to keep our food cold until Saturday.

Okay, rant over. Sorry! But I feel better now.

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For you, patti!

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We bought our fridge from Lowe's and it is supposed to be delivered tomorrow. So far no call to tell me what time it will be delivered. I have called a couple of times and left messages but no return call. I am getting worried that it might not be delivered. My dishwasher was not delivered or installed yesterday either. GRRRRRRR!

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Lowes came with our new fridge without telling me they were coming. Rescheduling wasn't a problem. I think I waited 2 days.

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I had no problems with my delivery from Lowe's. They only told me what day they would come, no time. Then they called and said they were leaving the store and they came then in a timely manner. They had to take the doors off both refrigerators to get the old one out of the house and the new one in. of course that took extra time for them. I am very pleased so far with my refrigerator.


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What's OTOW?

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Patti, sorry to hear you're having a bad experience. That's always frustrating. We had a very good experience with Sears when they delivered our new dishwasher. They delivery man gave my husband an approximate time & then told him he'd call him when he left the prior delivery so he'd have a more accurate time. Prior delivery was 45 minutes away; DH only works 20 minutes from home. He was able to go to work & not spend a lot of time waiting for the delivery.

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We bought one from Sears without a problem. I had to verify the delivery date, then on that day, they called when there were leaving and then called about 15 minutes out. Really nice guys delivery, and it went downstairs to the basement. Great service
So Far. OK

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I bought a dishwasher from Sears on Monday and I am picking it up instead of paying them $65 for delivery..have not heard from them yet to go pick it up.

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Chloecat, I believe OTOW is short for the name of the gated community Patti lives in. I know what it stands for, but will let her post that if she wants. :)

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I hate staying home waiting for a delivery or repair. My dishwasher is broken and Sears is sending a repairman next Thursday between 8 am and noon. Wanna bet?

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It's ironic that I'm sitting here reading this as I've been expected a Sears repair person to repair our snowblower. Unfortunately, the appointment was to be between 8AM and 12PM, and as it's after 12 now and we've seen neither hide nor hair of said repairperson, I really have no confidence he's showing up today. I was already on hold with Sears for almost half an hour; the operator said he/she would text the service person to call me. When I explained that I already should have heard from him and that leaving him a text was unlikely to be productive, the operator tried to contact the dispatcher. Of course, the lines were busy and the operator was unable to contact a live human. I feel like a hamster on a wheel....

I feel like a hamster on a wheel....


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Cholecat, OTOW is On Top of the World--it's the 55+ community where we live.

Know how you feel, Helene! Since we've lived here we've had a new frig for the garage delivered, a new dishwasher, a new stove, new countertops, etc. We've never had a problem before so I guess it was just our turn.

Jewels, it was free delivery and pick up our old frig--but since it works I'm donating it to our local Interfaith Services.

Sue, they know they have to take our doors off, too. Our doors are all 35" wide (probably supposed to be 36 but I measured 35. No way they could get it in the house without damaging the inside.

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You don't have to worry about calling and complaining. Go ahead if you want. I can assure you that one complaint will certainly *not* result in the loss of a contract to the company! Actually more people *should* call, both when service is unusually bad or unusually good. I received a follow up call after delivery.

Deliveries are tough. I've done them before. Some go great, some are nightmares. I have a lot of respect for people who do on-site anything.

I bought a stove and refrigerator from Home Depot last year and part of the reason I bought there was the free delivery and pickup/disposal of the old appliances. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. They almost called too often! The two guys were unusually careful. They pulled them out of the boxes on the driveway, checked it over top to bottom for scratches, dents or damage and were unusually careful about cleaning up every scrap and checking for anything that may have been left on the driveway! I was surprised.

I got a call that told me where in the queue I was and an estimated time something like between 9 & 10 am. Then I got a call from the delivery guys two or three times. They called before the one right before me and when they finished and would be on the way, giving time estimates on each.

I have some extra blocks on the back steps to make for shorter height steps to be easier for me to go in and out. I said it was easy enough to move them but no, they said that wasn't necessary and went right up them and they were twisting themselves to be sure not to damage the door jamb or anything. Amazing. I gave them each a $10 tip and a big thank you. They were surprised and very appreciative. I imagine not too many people tip delivery guys. I kind of felt cheap about it afterward. But the time frame vs the amount was a pretty good income anyway.

I also realize that the odds of getting them for another delivery are slim to none and it might be a total nightmare next time. But when they take that kind of care on cheap appliances (about $900 for both OTD) they obviously have a great work ethic.

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That's nice to hear, cynic. It sure does brighten the day when you receive extra-good service, doesn't it?

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Did you get your fridge?

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At least they didn't drop it and didn't say anything. :0) That's what happened to mine when they "dropped" it off. We later opened the box and the side was smashed in!!!! It took a week to get another one and this one picked up.

It wasn't HD tho....

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