No Ladyfingers this year??

marylmiNovember 26, 2012

How will I survive without my Ladyfinger Cheesecake this year?? :( I even had my company look for me downstate before they came up at Thanksgiving and they couldn't find any either. Unusual for this time of year!

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Did a quick research and on there is a receipe and how to make these goodies. Were you making the cheesecake?

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Not sure if you are looking for the recipe or the ladyfingers. If you are looking for ladyfingers go to Amazon as they always have them. Down south you can't find italian ladyfingers so I always buy them on Amazon. Good luck.

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marie-ndcal, yes I was planning on making the cheesecake & I use the ladyfingers to line the springform pan and stand them up around the edge. I imagine it could be made without them but so much better/nicer with them! I'll check out that recipe!

mary3444, I was looking for the ladyfingers. I didn't think about Amazon for purchasing them! Thank you both!!

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