What's for dinner Thurday?

patti43November 8, 2012

Tonight we're just having a simple pasta with garlic and a tiny bit of red pepper flakes sauteed in olive oil. Add the pasta, fresh chopped parsley and freshly grated parmesan and toss with tongs. We'll have a lettuce wedge salad with a balsamic vinegar/mustard/honey dressing I learned from my stepdaughter and garlic bread with. Harry really likes the pasta ;-)

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Mine was delicious!

Oh so fresh was the tamale and a scrumptuous soft beef taco rolled up in foil.

Love that place!

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I had vegetable soup a cream cheese muffin and hot tea.


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Oooh, I just love tamales. That sounds so good. I like crunchy tacos, though. Glenda, been meaning to ask you how you like your new door(?) with the blinds in between the glass. Are they as neat as I seem to think?

Sue, vegetable soup is the best thing in cold weather--at least to me. We're supposed to get down to freezing tonight. I am so NOT looking forward to that!

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I tried a new recipe today. Instructions said it was better cooked the day before or at least in the morning. Corn Chowder. I had some leftover cooked chicken breast leftover that I cut up and added to it a few minutes before it was done. I made it early afternoon and heated it up for my evening meal. Tasted pretty good.


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Loving the new windows in my french doors. What I'm enjoying most is the new window in living room that has a scenic view and is more like a picture window to me.

I can feel the difference with the temps going down and living room, plus my bedroom is much warmer.

Thanks for asking.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

We had our eye dr appts today so after we left and were both basically blind we just headed over to Black Eye Pea and had the fried catfish, I had sweet potatoes with mine and a couple of onion rings. Very good.

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Oh, your dinner reminded me of how much I love pasta with garlic and red pepper flakes. Lots of both! That's what I need with this stinking bronchitis! That will be on the menu tomorrow, I think.

Just a quick pizza here. I went to the doc and got some meds, so hopefully they'll kick in in the next couple of days.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

We have steamed rice, pork egg rolls, and orange chicken. It was so good.

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