Something coming from this page

angelaidNovember 19, 2012

keeps trying to hijack my browser. Getting " connection was reset" when I try to open a post here. Has happened half a dozen times today, and only on this page. Anyone else getting this? Iran a malware scan and everything seems to be okay...

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I am not having a problem, so far.

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I can't say I have seen that particular notation-I "can" however, tell you that I get tons of crap emails now and I "know" that they come from this site

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Are you using an adblocker or anything? I use Opera with its Content Blocker and that takes care of a myriad of problems. You can use Adblock on Chrome or Firefox but it' an additional item to run. Amazes me how they still don't incorporate it.

Also check your cookies and clean out the cache and see if that helps.

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I use AdAware. Still getting re-directed. This is pissing me off. DON'T ANYONE CLICK ON/GO TO THIS LINK - but this is where I'm getting re-directed to:

Is there anyway I can "block" this page? It's really screwing up my computer. It has changed my default homepage and browser. When I changed the settings back to my original settings, it re-directed me back to theirs again. This is really F'd up!

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golfergrrl is a virus.
here's the google link for ways to remove it

Here is a link that might be useful: google link

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes it is a redirect infection, try running these free program scans malwarebytes free update and full scan then superantispyware free update then full scan,
report back with results.

In case you do not have those programs here are links


it may well take more than that but let me know what those find.

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