Can I peel potatoes today and cook them tomorrow?

caroline94535November 24, 2010

Can I peel Yukon Gold potatoes today, keep them covered with water in the fridge overnight, and then boil and mash them tomorrow?

Would they taste as good this way?

I never, ever peel the potatoes I'm going to smash...except for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Might taste ok, but could turn brown. I would cook them then reheat and smash.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

They will be fine submersed in water and kept in the fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: 10 Easy Preparation Tips for Thanksgiving Or Any Other Holiday

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Yes I do that lots of times. Just keep them in water.

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So do I, every year. Just cover them with water, in the pot, with the lid on.
Tomorrow, when you're ready to cook them, just take that pot out and onto the stove.

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I do it all the time, too. So much easier than having to do it tomorrow.

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I do it all the time, and I don't put them in the fridge, either. I used to cook for my husband's uncle sometimes, and he had kidney issues. We were advised to always peel and soak the potatoes the day before, I think it was to remove excess starch. It never affected the quality or taste, and now I do it sometimes for convenience.

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No, you cook them up and mash them and then heat them up, don't leave them in the water, ugh.

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I don't like the taste of reheated mashed potatoes. I would just peel them today, cover them in cold water, and refrigerate. In fact, if the refrigerator is full, I would try Susan's method and not refrigerate them.

I plan to iron the cloth and set the table tonight, polish any silver that needs attention too. I got behind today with a plumbing emergency!!!!!!!

I do use Mrs. Cubbeson's or Pepperage Farm stuffing to save time and I jazz it up with onions and celery sauted in lots of butter, broth, almonds, sage and thyme.

My sister helps by bringing the salad, vegetable and whatever she wants to make for the dessert. That is huge in sparing me and my refrigerator space. This year our older son and his girlfriend are bringing the dessert, which is even more helpful.

We cut out appetizers years ago when we noticed it was spoiling everyone's appetite for all our work at cooking a nice meal. And we have cut way back on the various dishes we offer. Now we serve turkey and stuffing and gravy, cranberry relish, citrus or avocado salad, twice baked potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, minced meat peaches, pumpkin bread and plain rolls, vegetable dish, dessert, wine and coffee. This year I am going to add a baked creamed corn custard I saw in the paper for something extra to try, but my double ovens will be challenged for space for everything.

How can anyone host a big family holiday meal without double ovens?? I certainly would not want to try! Did that when I was a girl and when I was a young bride in a basic apartment kitchen, and that was enough.

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I have my potatoes peeled in water with some vinegar and they are in a covered stockpot in my cold garage. I do it all the time for our family dinners. There is too much work to do on the day of the meal and anything you can do ahead of time is helpful. I will pour that water off and rinse them and then add the water and cook them.


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I make the make ahead potatoes which can be done up to two weeks before and put in freezer....then I don't have to deal with cooking and mashing on the holiday.

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I peel them and put them in zip lock bags filled with water (easier to fit the bags in the fridge than a bowl or pot). Just make sure the bag doesn't leak. I do the same things with other veggies (carrots, celery).

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I was wondering this same question! Now I'm too beat to peal them. Hehe

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I would mash them tonight, (probably too late now lol)
then I put them in a crockpot to warm them up for dinner. It takes a long time but they are sooo good.

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I don't like them re-heated, either. I peel, then put them in a pan with ice water, and leave them in the fridge overnight. They'll even last for a few days, if you change the water and use more ice.

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So, if you do this, you must have a lot of extra room in your fridge. Seems a small false economy to me. You trade fridge space (on the most intensive fridge-space day of the year) for 10 minutes of time to peel the spuds.

What;s it worth to you?

I always figure that peeling potatoes is the most relaxing thing to do, or something that you can safely job off on a 13 yr old bored teen or 85 yr old Aunt Edith.

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Although it would be fine to peel them, cover with water and refrigerate, I was thinking the same thing as sushipup. Depends on how many potatoes you're needing I guess. I'm not a fan of reheated mashed potatoes, especially if they're been flooded with too much butter and fluid. That's one leftover I'll throw. I guess I'd rather have instants than reheated.

One good thing about this time of year: I now have a large walk-in cooler that some call a "garage". So there's no problem with refrigerator room being at a shortage!

Make ahead gravy could be a time saver and stress reliever. Even cooking the turkey ahead of time would be fine. But I'd say peel them ahead instead of make them ahead of time.

But those are just my opinions!

Caroline, I'm shocked that you haven't trained Sam to peel potatoes for you!

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It is perfectly fine to peel and cut them, as long as you keep them in cold water in the fridge. I have bad kidneys (on dialysis) and have been told to soak my potatoes overnight to remove excess potassium. Yes, too much potassium is bad for kidneys. Except in healthy folks. You need some potassium for your heart.

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Not all of us have help in our kitchen before the meal is served. When our guests arrive and they are usually on time, the food is ready and we eat when they arrive.


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