Sisterwives tonight!

JoAnn_FlaNovember 18, 2012

I just love that show for some reason. I don't believe like them but I like them.

Just giving you the heads up if its your guiltly pleasure also

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Already have the reruns on (I'd miss some last season, so it's nice to catch up).

Like you, it's not my lifestyle, but they're very personable, very down-to-earth and yes, I like them too. And I respect their right to follow their religion. Don't get me wrong--I do NOT support the sects who exploit children, but since these are all intelligent adults with free will I don't have a problem with the fact that their choices are different than mine

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I find it interesting also. According to the previews there seems to be more than a little tensions brewing with the wives.

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Don't tell anyone--guilty pleasure for me too. I will be gone but have my timer set. lol

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Thanks for the reminder! Not my lifestyle either, but I find the personal struggles between the wives quite interesting, as well as how the kids feel growing up with it all. I wish someone would cut daddy's hair lol

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I ended up wathcing the reruns also, Its such a fun show.
Have you wondered why they don't just buy 2 BIG houses to fit 2 familys, then another big one for the other 2?
It would have to be less expensive then 4 indiviual ones.
Or 1 really big house divided in 4 separte wings?

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So I watched. Now some questions.... (& I agree with your Q's, Joann ---good questions... (maybe too much estrogen under one roof? LOL)

*How could Robyn have her credit rating soooo improved in 3-4 weeks to the point that she went from not qualifying to "yes, you qualify"? I mean it sounded like she was in pretty bad shape financially b/c of her divorce.... The drama they strung out on this issue was a bit "too much", imo.

*Then there's the drama over Meri's decision for/not going for in vitro & surrogacy pregnancy. Gah! Just cut the whining & tears & DECIDE! And she had noooooooo idea how her dtr felt about this? Really?

*I wonder how much they make from TLC for the show? Do ANY of them have a REAL job?

*How does Kody put up with allll those tearsssssssssss?

The teaser promotion clips are deceptive & irritating once you see how they really pan out. I guess I am just getting irritated with the show over-all. But it does have a certain "draw" to it, in a warped sort of way, I guess. LOL!

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I haven't watched because I disgree with the lifestyle so much, figuing, I won't like it. But maybe I should wtch it so that I learn something about their lifestyle? Will it help me understand them more? Is it a glimpse into what their lives are truly like?

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Rob--you might get a different perspective watching this show. These aren't the "Warren Jeff's" type of polygamists. They're ordinary people whose religious beliefs support polygamy. They went into it as adults, making free choices. It's interesting, and really does give a little more info than most of us probably have.

Bee--Do you think it's getting a little passive-agressive that Meri can't seem to make a decision? She supposedly wants more babies so much, here the opportunity comes along for her to make that wish come true, and she is dragging her heels for months. Now mind you, I'm glad to see someone actually thinking things through before jumping to have (more) children, but this seems a little odd. And the result is that she's keeping Kody and Robyn from getting pregnant again, isn't she? And it's pretty obvious that he'd like to get going on another one (I think it's pretty clear that Janelle and Christine are done having kids). Just seems odd to me. And there's sadly a part of me that thinks maybe Meri is revelling in the attention she's getting over the whole thing.

And I know what you mean about the houses. Why do they need 4? In Utah, they had one house with several apts. Why can't they buy a small apt. building and adapt that to their needs? Or a big old house that would have room for all of them? Or two houses to share? There's really no reason why Meri and Robyn couldn't double up at the least, is there?

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I totally agree. One big house would be best for 1 big family. I wonder also how much they get paid for doing the show, surely they should make enough to buy those houses cash! They have the sisterwives shop they make money from and Janelle works I think. She did go to real estate school. I think Cody also works, and now I thought I heard something about Robin working.
I also agree Mari doesn't need a big house, even if she has 1 more child a 2 bedroom is enough if they are in a money tight. In fact if money is that tight why buy new homes?

I guess that money man Robin went to see fixed up her credit for her. They have to make all this drama so we keep watching.

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They sure drive some fancy cars/vans! I agree, why would they need 4 huge houses? The drama bothers me, but that is what draws viewers and yup, I watched, so there ya go. LOL!

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I tried a search on how much they get paid. Best estimate was $50,000 split between the 5. I would guess the kids must get paid something as well.

Azzalea, the thought crossed my mind that Merri was procrasting for a variety of reasons, one being Robin and Cody not being able to plan another child of their own. Merri seems to be the most needy (emotionally) out of the wives.

I will say that the parents must be doing something right because the kids seem very respectful of each other and their parents. It will be interesting to see how many remain in the "lifestyle". I know a couple of them feel very strongly against it for themselves.

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I thought perhaps some of Meri's ambivalence might be related to the fact that she's past 40, which for most "normal" women (who don't have sister wives to help care for an infant) that would give pause due to the energy needed for child rearing @ that age.

Matti, would that be $50K PER episode? I'm guessing yes. Which wouldn't be too shabby for a ....what?.... 13? week season.

The nosey questions that have been posed about their "sex lives" are answered with a polite NOYB, so they are respectful & avoid divulging salacious details.

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Thank you for answering. I really wanted to know. I'd rather have enough information to understand.

matti, I think the question will be similar to the kids who leave their Amish lives for a while to live like the English. How many will return? Seems like the Amish children return 90% of the time. Something really high.

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