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jkayd_il5November 21, 2012

In the 1990's I bought a cheap cheap genealogy program to mainly keep track of my large extended family. I "kind of" became the family record keeper and historian. I need a new program that will do more. Can any of you recomment a good software program for me.

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"Family Tree Maker" from

When you open a tree on-line, it looks for new information on family members, and marks with a green leaf that is a link to the info.
You can also use it off-line.

I've had it for years. Opened my tree a few months ago, because I hadn't used the program for a while, and there was a link to my grandfather, and where he was buried.
I've been looking for him for years, my father never knew what happened to him.

It's a very good, easy to use program for the average person.

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I, too, highly recommend Family Tree Maker. Let's face it -- if you're serious about doing genealogy research, you're going to be searching on; and the latest version of Family Tree Maker actively synchronizes with so that both your software and online tree are the same.

Yes, in order to really get the benefit of you'll need a paid membership; but, again, if you're serious about your research, it's worth it. I have access to everything that Ancestry has, worldwide, and it costs around $0.80 per day over the course of the year. More than worth it. Yes, the LDS web site,, is free, but if you want to see the actual documents (Census pages, etc.), you'll need the Ancestry membership because will simply link you to it.

Family Tree Maker also will create all sorts of wonderful charts, etc.

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Make me #3 for Family Tree Maker. I don't do much genealogy anymore, but that's my favorite.

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I agree with previous posters. Also with sign up for the free newsletters and there is a new ond called Fold 3 that is good.

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Wow, Family Tree Maker it will be, I hope. Actually I will tell my son that is what I want for Christmas. I already told him I wanted a new genealogy program so better call him before he goes Christmas shopping. Thank you all.

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FYI.. If you have a Mac computer they have a special version for it, the regular Family Tree Maker program will not work on a Mac....

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