What's for dinner Monday?

patti43November 26, 2012

I'm just making fish sandwiches for dinner. Been a busy day--VA and getting ready for the new frig tomorrow. We'll have some cranberry sauce with them. Weird combination, isn't it?

What are you having for dinner at your house?

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Hey, I love cranberry sauce and mayo sandwiches :o)

Brava, again! Chicken salad with almond slivers, golden raisins, honey mayo.
Caesar salad
wild rice

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I made a pot roast today with potatoes, onions, and carrots. I also baked an angel food cake. I had coleslaw but did not eat any. Busy day again around the house again. I am ready for bed soon.


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Oh, boohoo, Glenda. You had all three of my favorite things for dinner. I'm crazy for wild rice! Next time I'm hungry for chicken, I'm making Jasdip's chicken wild rice soup. I'm kind of turkeyed out right now--or I was until you mentioned wild rice ;-)

Sue, it's been a while since we had a nice pot roast. I make mine just like you with the vegetables.

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I made both reuben mini meatloaves and salisbury steak today. Baked a potato and had leftover peas. I didn't make up my mind which meat to have till the last minute.... reuben won out.


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I had bridge here today and now I'm tired. There's some chili in the fridge...DH can have that and I will have a sandwich with what's left of the turkey. I haven't cooked since Thanksgiving and just might have to tomorrow unless of course we go out for dinner.

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Tomato soup & sandwiches. DH is having pastrami; I'm having ham. He leaves for a week-long business trip tomorrow. I'm still working on the Christmas decorating. Just wanted something simple tonight.

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I have turkey enchiladas in the oven right now. They sure smell good too.

My fridge is being delivered on Thursday so I have been working on getting things used up before hand. I went through the freezer this morning so that is ready to be put in the big freezer in the garage.

Our new dishwasher is coming early in the morning so I need to empty out everything from under the kitchen sink. This is the part I hate about getting new appliances but the pain will disapear as soon as I get to use the new things.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Blackened thick pork chops cooked on the griddler and fresh steamed Brussels sprouts, with a small salad.

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Shirley, it's always nice to have a choice. Is your rueben meatloaf made with corned beef or regualar beef? You had a busy day in the kitchen but now you're set for a while.

Georgysmom, you're the busiest gal! But I bet you sleep really well at night :-)

Kittiesmom, hope you enjoyed your dinner. Hope your DH has a good and safe trip. I'd love a pastrami sandwich!!

Nita, we're getting ours tomorrow sometime between 3-7. I'm donating our old one to Habitat for Humanity so I just emptied the freezer. They'll pick it up Friday. The frig stuff should stay cold enough until I can fill the new one. Your enchilada's sound yummy!

Raven, are you feeling better? You must feel like cooking, so that's a good sign. Sure hope so!

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I make my reuben meatloaves with lean ground turkey and sauerkraut.....one of your favorite foods, patti.


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We had hot turkey sandwiches with the rest of the mashed potatoes and gravy, Dressing on the side. Now I just have some leftover ham to deal with.

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