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shay13November 13, 2012

Do any of you have a recipe for making cream corn? I haven't had any good cream field corn in years! It seems like I remember a posting about a recipe for cream corn using canned kernels? and how it tasted similar to cream corn. A search only turned up recipes for corn casserole. Thanks!

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IF you go to the frozen food section and look for McKenzie's frozen creamed corn, Silver Queen Style, you can't go wrong in purchasing it. MY OPINION ONLY!

I always creamed my own in my cast iron skillet, when I purchase the corn from the farmers market.

I needed creamed corn in a pinch, and decided to try the above, and my word, it was close to mine cooked in the cast iron skillet.

You don't need to do anything but heat it and serve it.

AGAIN, my opinion only!

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My opinion is the same as Glenda's. MacKinzie's! In the frozen food section it's usually on the bottom shelf in a package that looks like an ear of corn. It's very good. I put a lot of pepper on top--just 'cause I like it. I add butter, too.

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YES!!! I add pepper to my serving though and I like it on top of buttered crisp toast :o)

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Make sure it says silver queen style

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Thanks, I'll try it!

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