Interesting Christmas gifts

OakleyNovember 23, 2012

I thought this would be a good topic for those of us who are stuck on what to buy.

I need fun suggestions for men if you have any. Not only do we buy gifts, we do a secret santa (nice little gifts) and a Dirty Santa.

This was on The Today Show and I ordered it. It's a cupcake maker with good reviews. I also ordered two sizes of cupcake liners and I'll buy a cake mix and can of frosting for my friend's first batch. lol.

This company makes other little "makers" also. I'd love for someone to give me this!

Please share interesting and fun gifts that you know of.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cupcake Maker

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If I remember right, Herberger's dept store carries these. Cannot remember the price. I thought there were cute.
Since my family (not DH and me) are deer hunters, our son in law and ourselves are going in together to have our GD's husband deer head mounted. It is a 6 by 4 rack. Now, if you understand all of this, good, because I don't. It was that or a gift card.
The guys around here like the buffalo or venison jerky also or anything connected with hunting or bar b ques.

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I just ordered my bf a top hat. Yes...a real, australian wool steampunk top hat. ooohhhh I know he's gonna love it

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I bought the popcake one. Ended up pitching it. Big pain in the backside to use it..

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I honestly know that there are many that will enjoy these things but I am trying to stop adding things to my kitchen when I already have something that will do the job. My kitchen is filled with this and that and gadgets and "crap" that I neither need or use often enough to justify the space. I don't want this to be a negative post but my question about these gadgets is why????

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I think gadgets are fun. I love receiving them as gifts and if some of them end up in the next garage sale, that's okay. My favorite gift to receive is an Amazon or iTunes gift card.

I think it was two years ago that I bought all the women on my list those gloves that allow you to text without taking them off. Those were a huge hit. They also liked the tissue weight cashmere shawls I found at Restoration Hardware because they fold up very small, but are big enough and warm enough to keep the chill off in a restaurant or church.

Why are women so much easier for me to buy for than men?

I gave my brother a beer-making kit. I gave the men personalized bottles of Heinz ketchup one year. I've given them wine and a battery-operated wine opener. The battery-operated pepper mill was a big hit. It's the one that automatically grinds when you tilt it over the pan or dish.

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I wait until the show up at Goodwill, then I buy them! LOL!!! I get to satisfy my curiosity and save lots of money. If they don't work for me, I can re-donate them and haven't spent a lot of money.

I no longer buy gifts for people. I give money and gift cards to my Grandkids and Kids - everyone is happy.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Since you asked for unusual....most of the men on my list are backyard grillers ; some are quite serious about it, while others not so much. They all loved receiving aged apple wood chips. Applewood smoke lends a light, sweet, woodsy taste to grilled meat, very unlike hickory or mesquite which can overpower the natural flavor and taste.

A box of seasoned applewood in kindling and larger sizes was always appreciated by those with fireplaces. The fragrance of the burning wood is wonderful....and the colors of the flames! Ooh la la.

Orchard owners wherever I've lived have always been very kind to share their annual pruned wood. I would collect it in the winter /spring and stockpile it until the next Xmas.

Along that same line, I used to get asked for boxes of Loblolly, cedar, and other cones. I've made ornaments of sun bleached sand dollars collected myself...washed and sealed to make them harder and nestled by the dozen into a bed of cleaned Spanish moss.

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Rhizo, funny you mention wood from an orchard. Last night I was helping dh bring wood in for a fire. I grabbed a pile, and he said "no no, we don't use that, it's Apricot wood for smoking." LOL.

I also love gadgets. The recipient I'm giving the cupcake maker to is much younger than me and I've seen her bring bakery cupcakes to gatherings, so I thought she could have fun with this for a little bit.

Fun, I saw one pair of gloves for texting, and they really look interesting. I know just the person to buy them for. Thanks for the suggestion!

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There are lots of unique wine openers out there, including an electric one. They make good gifts for serious wine drinkers. :-)

Sports fans might like one of the many books about their favorite teams. Just look up the team name on Amazon.

After the recent power outages, I'm giving corded land line phones to two people. I bought them, brand new in their boxes, on eBay for about $5 apiece. I've always had one in the house to give me phone service when the power goes out.

I love the wood chips idea--thanks!

Now I'm waiting to hear more about the Dirty Santa..... LOL

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Thanks for that site, Oakleyok. I've been trying to find those sticks and was happy to see they have popsicle sticks, too. Good prices.

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Another idea is a flashlight worn on your head. I got one a couple of years ago, and it has come in handy when I wanted my hands free to fix whatever was ailing.

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I'm with ruthieg_tx on this one!

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I read online that the troops in Afghanistan are collecting toy ovens that bake a little cake so that they can make cakes for themselves. They are also collecting the cake mixes. I bet this cupcake baker would be good too.

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Alisande, I watch my grandkids once a week and demanded my son buy a landline phone. He did and he was so grateful after they lost power.

Another good gift are those book lights for power outtages. They clip on your book and you can move the lamp to shine on your page. The first time I used it I was sooo happy to read when we lost power. We were without power for 30 days after an ice storm, so I bought one for everybody.

Today I bought 2 24oz. Tervis Tumblers w/traveling lids. One has a college logo on it for the man, and the other is kind of girly for a lady. They're kind of pricey but they have a lifetime guarantee. My favorite glasses!

I also bought some soup, dips, and biscuit mixes from The Old Mill. Those will be nice for the secret santa.

Fun, I bought the gloves. The recipient travels a lot & spends time outdoors doing appraisals, and he's addicted to his iPhone. Perfect!

I'm loving these suggestions!

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Oakleyok, Thanks for reminding me about Tervis. That would be perfect for my brother and his wife. I'm heading over to their website now.

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I think it was the Weather Channel this morning that showed a guy and gal filling up a bucket for a gift with small things like a tape measure and things from the hardware dept. nice ad

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old fashion, but box of hankies..swear dh uses them all the time...wood hangers...wallet...small swss army balls w/name...copy of the christmas story lamp (they also have night light size ones)cedar chips for shoes/clothes

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Penzey's spices have wonderful gift boxes already made up, and when my son received one several years ago he loved the aroma that wafted out when he opened it, from the cinnamon sticks and other things that are packed around the spices. You can always purchase individual spices and make up your own box, too.

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I'm with Ruthie and Kay Jones.

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As I have 3 teenage has become equally hard to find anything they don't already have. So, last year I bought each of them a hooded sweatshirt that zips up the front. Inside of each of them, I used small safety pins and pinned 10 $5 bills all over the inside..making sure they were below the neckline so they couldn't see them. Their moms were in on this and once they opened them thee moms told them to immediately try them on so if they didn't fit-she had the receipts so they could be returned. They loved the presentation..a little 'element of surprise'. As for the 'older guys' could use the same technique and pin gift cards inside..such as car wash certificate, McD's, Dunkin' Donuts, movie tickets, gift card to a sports shop, etc., etc.

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I am with Ruthie, Kay Jones and Marilyn C...
the last thing I need is a redundant gadget!

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I am with Ruthie, Kay Jones, Marilyn C and LuAnn. Anytime I look at something like that I think just what I want something else to store and use maybe once a year. I don't even have a food processor or a blender.

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What a wonderful idea, Sharon.fl
My grandchildren, when they were young, asked for money rather than a gift. They told me they would spend it on Boxing Day and get a lot more. Made them happy and made things very easy for me. Now I make gift card holders and love to put gift cards in them. They like that too.

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