Devastation photos

azzaleaNovember 4, 2012

For those who haven't seen, here are some before and after photos of the damage from Sandy.

They're heartbreaking. And almost unbelievable. And this damage is widespread up and down the Jersey coast. Although, that's not all that's affected. DD works closer to Philadelphia and her office has had no power for the past week, even though it's a large medical complex.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sandy before and after photos

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I was just looking at this 240-degree panorama of the Breezy Point fire devastation. It takes a couple of seconds to load, and then it will begin moving.

Here is a link that might be useful: Breezy Point panorama

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Wow! Heartbreaking.

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Oh, Alisande, that is horrible as well. I just cannot imagine the totals of all the families who have been impacted by this catastrophic event.

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I can't either. We were without power for five days, but my son and I shared a generator after the first day, and our difficulties were minimal. When we saw the storm coverage on TV we knew how very lucky we were.

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PA did dodge a bullet. We didn't even lose power but did lose a lovely white pine tree which uprooted. Luckily fell on a fence and didn't do too much damage. My heart breaks for all those suffering and now a Nor'easter is coming. I have gone to the Jersey Shore every year of my life for a vacation. It's all so sad.

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The destruction reminds me of New Orleans although the wind velocity was not as high in New Jersey as it was in New Orleans.

It was incredible that a large secion of town burnt during a rain storm.

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Jem--the fires were fed by broken gas lines, and sparked by downed electric wires--so rain made little difference. from the reports, there were fires where the firemen couldn't do anything but stand and watch, they were so bad. Although, some of the fires were after the storm had passed through, I believe.

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My daughters live in mid town Manhattan and were lucky they didn't lose power or have any flooding issues. However both of their offices were closed all week. My youngest daughter took a long walk through the Village and the meat packing district which are usually hopping after dark. She said it was pitch black and really eerie.

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