Do You Ever Feel LIke a Genius?

lisa_flaNovember 7, 2012

I do today! My stick vacuum has been losing suction and today I realized the long neck of it was completely clogged but I couldn't remove any parts to access it, I was prying stuff out with a pen, then a small screwdriver but it was still clogged where I couldn't reach any more. After a while I took a break and while showering, it came to me!!! I have a thin flexible plastic strip with thorns (used to unclog sink drains). I tried it and a couple of swipes and the vacuum is back in business! I'm so proud of myself LOL. Who else has had a genius moment lately?? Maybe I can learn some good ideas.

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No genius idea here... as working on my garage door opener didn't bring any results, same with the ancient water heater. But I am proud of you for sticking with it, and getting the job done!


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Yep, every once in a while when I get a $1000 Jeopardy answer right :-)

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

If you have another vacuum cleaner you can sometimes use it to suck out the plugged up one.

Yes occasionally I have a brain jewel which surprises me and my husband lol. To bad I don't write them down because they dissappear as fast as they appear!

I had one just the other day that astounded both of us and darn if I can remember what it was lol.

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You mean like when I fix my computer by myself?? with a touch of help from the computer forum

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My computer wouldn't start a few weeks ago. I worked on it for two and a half hours until I realized the problem-the router had been unplugged. Now who would do that, a cat?

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Not that I recall, but I often feel like an idiot!

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I think I just *persevere*. I've had to talk to three different reps at a Part D insurance program to finally get one who could answer my question.

Yes, we CAN use 90-day mail order on my DH's prescriptions if his MD will submit a 'Quantity Limit Form'. This saves $300 a year over filling his prescriptions at their preferred pharmacy. $2400 vs. $2700 -- even more at a non-preferred pharmacy.

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I felt like a dummy/genius this morning - I have a large craft show this week-end and decided to make last minute microwave popcorn snowmen. I have a huge box of snowflakes/embelishments "somewhere" in storage - couldn't find them - went to store to buy the glittery snowflakes - none to be found... :^( On my way out when it dawned on me I could use use my Cricut to make them in any color/shape/size I wanted! Now I'm back in business!!! I use my Cricut daily to make stencils as I etch on glassware with my sand blaster, but this is the first time I have used my Cricut for what it is intended to be uses... These snowmen are the cutest things and it's always a good extra $100 - $200 at the shows

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Those snowmen are just darling....what a good job.

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I felt like a genius this weekend. On Saturday I was in Bismarck. My sisters television projector lamp went out about a month ago. My son was going to put it in for her and he kept forgetting about it. Her neighbor told her it was going to cost her about 500 dollars to have it put in. It is a 49 inch tv. I told her to call the repair place and ask them how much it would cost. they told her about 175 dollars but that they were really easy to put in if you had a screwdriver. I told her to go on Utube and type the installing a projection lamp and see what it says. They had 3 little girls installing one on there. We thought if they can do it we can too. I took both doors off and I was at first scared to pull out the lamp because I thought I was supposed to use a screwdriver for something and I guess there are some that you need one to do it but not hers. I pulled it out and we took it to the repair place but they had sold the last one 2 days ago. they had some more on order though. So by tomorrow she should have her tv working. Someone told me that you can find how tos to do anything on Utube so I thought I would give it a try.

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Almost every day.

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Once in a while, if I get the Final Jeopardy question right I feel smart!

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don't know about "genius" but sometimes, I'm really dumb....I swept the dog hair from behind the pole lamp last week, not realizing the phone jack for the computer router was right there. Later, when I tried to get online, of course I couldn't. Jumped through the cable companies hoops, until the tech asked about the phone cord being plugged into the router, then I saw the other end wasn't plugged into the wall....duh me!

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Seldom do I feel like a genius, but once in a blue moon is does happen! lol

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Several people have told me I should write a book on ways to save money. I am pretty good at it or just darn lucky. I have worked at it all my life, and I enjoy it. I don't know if it is genius or not or just out of necessity. :)

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