Putting lights on the tree...

schoolhouse_gwNovember 29, 2012

AAAACCCKK! Decided to take the lights off the bottom half of my artificial skinny tree because they were thrown, twisted, and looped one year and looked less than fine. I was going to do it right, like the videos online showed me. Hey, I caught on finally, wrap around the trunk, then proceed to wrap down each bough, go back, wrap around the trunk, ect,ect. Ran out of lights because it took more this way. Made a quick trip to DG and got 20' more of lights.

Was 20' too much - nope. Looked great, boughs wrapped nice and neatly.....except the middle strand goes out. Dummy me can't remember if it was the new strand or the old one from last year which I tested BEFORE I put it on the tree. So I spent another half hour unwrapping both strands. Since I'm the stubborn sort when it comes to this stuff, I took the strand that did light and proceeded to put it back on. Sheesh. I've been working on these lights since 1:30pm. and it's now 3:45p. I'm going to take a break! then probably go buy a new strand. ugh.

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I don't put up a tree, so don't have that problem. Just decorate different. But yes, it can be frustrating

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Well, turns out I didn't need to go buy another string of lights. Remember I mentioned the "old strand from last year" - I walked into the livingroom and here it was laying on the couch! I wouldn't have had to buy the new one - which turned out to be no good. grrrr.

Yes, I know. Every year I say I'm not going to put the tree up but I do. This the earliest I've put it up. Now decorating it will be for another day.

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I have a 3' pre-light tree, so gave away all my tangled strings of lights. I don't have your fortitude! If they didn't work, they'd go in the trash.

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This is the first year I will not be having a tree. I brought it in, top third lights were out, and I told it it was an ugly tree, anyway, so I hauled it back to the garage. I have hung the ornaments on my curtains instead. Oh, I have a lot of other Christmas decor so the tree isn't really missed. Family will not be here this year, as I'm going to one of their homes for the big do.

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I hadn't had a tree up the past few years because I hate putting the lights on. Yesterday I bought a 6 ft tree with the lights on it but haven't put it up yet. I hope to get it up tomorrow.

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i have bought new lights twice at the dollar tree and go them home and they dont work smh

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I bought my skinny tree at JoAnn Fabrics years and years ago for 60% off, it was when this type of tree was just getting popular. The trunk is wooden with fake bark or something on it, the boughs are very realistic with little pine cones here and there. Came with lights already on it, and those lights lasted forever. It hasn't really been that long since I had to take them off and put my own on, and those lights lasted fairly long too. Anyway, I actually did learn how to put them on properly today. I should take the top strand off and do the same but I'm not sure I'm that ambitious. Next year I'll probably have to redo the whole thing again when the lights quit working.

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I have an artifical tree. It breaks down into 2 sections for storage. When I put lights on it, I arranged the plugs to be at the break. I leave the lights on the tree for storage. Now, when putting up the tree, all I have to do is assemble the tree and plug the lamp string back together at the tree break joint.

If I put the tree up this year, I will investigatge getting new LED lights. These should have long life and create much less heat and therefore, should be safer.

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Love my pre-lit tree.

Had a section go out last year and bought one of these guns:

One click with that gun and the lights were working again. Best investment EVER!

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