Need a recipe pls

ont_galNovember 6, 2012

Would really appreciate a tried and true pickled beets recipe pls.TIA

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I'm not a beet eater, but I did manage to eat beets once in my life.

Friend took a can of sliced beets, drained, and put them in sweet pickle juice she had leftover and saved for her beets.

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I make them at work all the time. I use a number 10 can of beets its about a gallon. The amounts are all equal. 2 cups sugar, 2 cups vinegar and 2 cups water or beet juice. If you don't have enough beet juice just finish filling the cup with water. I put them on the stove and bring them to a boil and let simmer for about an hour. I think they are better if they set a day or two but can be eaten right away. Some like them cold and some like them hot. I like them better cold. I found this recipe in a cookbook. If you have any questions just ask me.

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Are you using fresh or canned beets?

One super easy way to pickle beets is to save the pickle juice and the jar from sweet gherkins after you have used the pickles. Just drain most, but not all, of the beet juice from canned beets( sliced or diced absorb better) and put them into the saved pickle juice. Let them sit refrigerated a day or two and they absorb a wonderful flavor plus you are being so frugal with the recycled pickle juice.

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I do as Joann does, except I add sliced red onions and a bit of sea salt to mine.

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Hi ont_gal ... here is my mother's pickled beets recipe. I've made them this way for between 35 and 40 years ... not every year mind you, but probably at least 30 years for sure.

Pickled Beets
Select your beets and wash them off. Cut the leafy tops off the beets leaving about 1/2" of the stems. Do not cut into the beet itself or the beet will bleed into the water you cook them in.

Put the beets into a large pot (I make a fairly big recipe so I use an big enamel-ware pot), cover with water & cook on high until they boil then reduce heat but maintain a good simmer.

Cook beets till tender (about 45 minutes - 1 hour), then drain them and submerge in a sink of cold cold water & slip skins off immediately. If the beets are well cooked, just rub the end where you cut the leaves off ... the skin will split open & you should be able to slip the skin right off. Do this under water so your hands don't turn completely red.

Cut the beets into the desired sized pieces & tightly pack into sealer jars

In a large clean pot, combine:
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 cups vinegar
pickling spice (maybe 2 tbsp in a cheesecloth bag)

Heat 10 minutes, remove the spice bag & pour over beets.

Seal the jars while the brine is hot.

I usually have to make a lot of the brine, maybe 3 or 4 times that recipe. I make it separately each time (only because that's the way my mother did it) but I saved the spice bag & used it in each pot-ful, adding a little bit more pickling spice after I used it a couple or three times.

I always let the beets sit for 6 weeks prior to using, the same way I let dill pickles sit. Nobody better touch the beets or the dills till the date I mark on the label.

These beets are quite tart ... it'll really give you pucker-power! Enjoy

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Friend took a can of sliced beets, drained, and put them in sweet pickle juice she had leftover and saved for her beets.

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THAT is my Moms recipe to a T I think,Smilin-thank you!

Thank you everyone for replying-much appreciated

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Wow, I see here that the way to pickle beets is very different from the way I and all my 'German' ancestors do it. I'll admit that I no longer start from scratch with beets just pulled from the garden like they did.

My recipe is:
2 cans small whole beets, drained, reserve juice. (I think about 14/15 oz size cans. Dont have one on hand to be sure.)
1 cup cider vinegar (a tad more or less)
1/4 cup plus 1 tbl. sugar (a tad more or less)
1/2 tsp salt

To reserved beet liquid (you should have 1 1/2 cups) add the vinegar, sugar and salt. Heat in microwave about 3 minutes just to warm enough to help sugar dissolve. Stir, then taste it. If it stings your throat going down, it is ready to pour over the beets. That is what my Mom told me, "if it stings, it's ready". Adjust the vinegar/sugar ratio to the amount of beet juice...or according to taste.

This will yield enough pickling liquid to cover beets and a few eggs if you so desire.

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Doing them today-thank you gals!

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Beets have been readied and the juice made-it "stings" the throat-must have done it right!! :)

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