Well, I Did It!

marilyn_sueNovember 3, 2012

Today I ordered a new french door refrigerator, it is a Samsung and in white. I like white it helps make my kitchen not so dark. It should be delivered to the store in 7 to 10 days and then will set up delivery. I am really excited about it. Tell me about your refrigerator. Do any of you have a Samsung and french doors?


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Good for you! I do not have this fridge, but I would order the same thing if I could. I definitely like white appliances.

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Welcome to the FD world! We have a Whirlpool gold French door and we LOVE it! We mainly eat a small portion of meat with lots of veggies, and I buy meat once a month at Costco. The smaller freezer on the bottom comes in handy for storing all of the meat and the large refrigerator portion on the top is awesome for storing all of our veggies and condiments, etc. For us it came down to lifestyle when we decided on a FD. I'm not sure how people can fit everything into a side by side and I dislike a "normal" fridge because we just don't use the freezer much.

Our fridge is stainless, though, not white. All of our appliances are stainless, though. They're easy to keep clean and we like the more industrial look. I hope you end up loving your fridge and congrats!

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Sue, I'm so jealous!! I would seriously just love having a French door frig. And I'm with you--I like white appliances best. With my luck the kitchen frig will last 20 more years. I can't wait to hear how you like it. Every time we go to Lowe's I lust after them :-) They sure are roomy!

Enjoy--you'll have room for all those delicious dishes you make come this Thanksgiving. Woo hoo!!

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Wait! Don't tell me... This is an early Christmas gift to your DH, right? Like the -- what was it, a fork lift -- that he gave you one year? (The thing you've never even seen because he keeps it at work?) LOL

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No French doors, just a big black glass door, that seals like a vault, on my Sub-Zero.

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No Chisue, it was not a fork lift, we already have one of those, it was a riding mower. Since then I have seen it, but it was a few years before I did see it. It is now at my daughter's house. Son in law now mows for me.


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I know you will enjoy your new refrigerator. I like mine, but not as fancy, but I don't do all that wonderful baking you do.

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You will love your FD. Last year I bought a side by side. I didn't need much room in my fridge but I needed more freezer space. Mine is white to match my other appliances and my cupboards. What I really love about mine is the water and ice in the door. I no longer buy pop, I drink ice water all day.

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I have the french door GE. I love the fridge part but I can't get as much in the freezer. It has the drawer that pulls out and if you put too much in it it won't close.

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I have the FD by LG and love it!
Have to tell you tho...DH is a heating and cooling guy and can fix most anything and we NEVER buy the warranties on any product. BUT this one he said yes to the warranty. Good thing too, the "board" died and we had food loss. They ended up replacing the board and sending us a check for lost food, $300.
Would highly recommend buying the warranty, as with electronics you just don't know what the problem is these days.
Kathy G in MI

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Yes, I did buy the warranty, as it seemed not that much compared to the price of the refrigerator. Got the 4 year one.


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So happy for you. And so jealous! I want one so bad. Mine is old and crappy. If/when I get one it will be white also. Enjoy!

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Kathyg my new fridge has the ice and water dispenser in the door too. Cubed or crushed. It has two ice makers one in the top and one below that puts ice in a bin. I am happy about that as I sometimes use a lot of ice. It can be turned off if you don't want it running.


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Years ago I read that French door fridges are the most energy efficient. Enjoy yours,Glenda!

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I just got a Samsung French door refrigerator also, as part of an entire kitchen remodel. I absolutely love it! Best refrigerator I have ever had and I love the freezer in the bottom also. So convenient.


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Ours just has the ice in the freezer, takes up too much freezer space I think. In the door would have been better. Next one will have door options!
Mine is white too.

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As busy as you are in the kitchen, you certainly deserve this Sue...happy for you and a big CONGRATS!!! :)

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I have the 31 cu ft Samsung Stainless steel 4 dr french door. It is quite roomy and I love the LED lights. I love everything about it except the icemaker is too small. Doesn't always keep up with a family of 5! At least it has never jammed like all the kenmores I had over the years. Hers a tip for anyone buying $4 appliances-actually 2 tips-
1. order thru ebates (lists 100's of stores) and get a percentage back in cash. I got $60 when I ordered thru ebates and Lowes.
2. get a movers change of address packet from your post office. It will include a 10% off at lowes coupon

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FlamingO in AR

We have a Samsung french door fridge, it's about 3 years old, I think. I like it fine, but it made a funny noise every time it started up and again when it went off, so when the repairman came to fix the brand new Samsung range, he ordered us a new compressor which fixed the problem. He's been back 3 times for the stove and oven but only that once for the fridge. The microwave is also Samsung and the handle on it broke after the first year (after gentle use, no less) and I can't decide if I should order a new door (since the handle is now epoxied on) or wait until it dies to get a brand new micro, made by some other company.

The freezer drawer on ours is so hard to open, I feel like I'm going to dislocate my shoulder every time I open it- I have to brace myself and use my weight to open it. I don't know if they fixed that problem or not.

I hope you really like yours and that it gives you no problems.

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Several years ago I was looking at a FD frig but my GF talked me out of it. She had a bottom freezer frig when she was married and hated it. Said she got sick of being on her knees every time she wanted something from the freezer. But I was looking at one with a drawer. So I postponed the purchase, knowing she'd bellyache every time she was here if I got it. Then when I had to buy one, and she was history, I saw a Samsung 4 door that I really liked. You could set 3 of the compartments to be either frig or freezer and mix them up how you wanted. I thought that would be real convenient. Plus it was on clearance for $700, regularly over $2500. My apprehension about it was the icemaker took up nearly 1/4 of the unit. Went home and did some measuring and it wouldn't fit anyway so that was out. Wound up buying just a basic one, top freezer for under $400. Now though I really see how the french door, especially a 4 door would be advantageous. Well, maybe if I move.

Good luck with your new frig. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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I'm envious -- want a white one with French doors too. Our fridge is from Montgomery Ward, so I think it's time for a replacement, don't you?

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I feel like I will really like my new refrigerator. My old one was about 18 years old.


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