Why Balsam Wreaths Have No Fragrance??????

brightonbornNovember 28, 2012

I purchased 3 12 " balsam fir wreaths on Saturday complete with red bows to hang in my kitchen and living room.
While I was deciding which three I wanted I was so overcome with the wonderful scent they give off.
That was there, now fast forward to my home, hung the wreaths, couldnt wait to go out and come back in just to smell that wonderful fragrance of the Balsam as I opened the door....
But guess what there is no fragrance...NONE. what the heck is that all about?
The wreaths are lush and full but have absolutely no fragrance.
Anybody else have the same issue....

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Could they have sprayed something near them to make you believe they had great smell? Seems to me IF they are really fresh they would have at least some smell. If they were pricy, I would at least check with the sellers, otherwise, get som good spray and do it yourself.

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I had the same experience with those clove-smelling pine cones from Walmart - got them home and NO smell - so disappointed!

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