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DawnSmithNovember 1, 2013

I have 2 children (10 & 12yrs) - my boyfriend has 1 (6yrs).
Periodically, my boyfriend brings his son to my house.

My kids have a busy schedule with homework, sports, & activities, we don't have much down time! My boyfriends son, he plays video games/watches TV basically every minute he is not in school.

Lately, the time they have been at my house has increased. If my kids have a window in their day to winddown & watch some TV, I feel they should be able to do so. I give a 5 minute warning that the video game needs to end then turn the TV over to my kids.

Here comes the issue: if my kids happen to leave the room for any length of time (a shower, a phone call from their dad or friend, to do an expected chore upon my request), then what do you know, the video game is back on! Let me also mention, these games belong to my kids, I pay the electric bill, I keep the battery supply stocked (well, I used to, I don't anymore).

Help!! I feel like I have been put in the position of being the bad person and really I am just trying to keep peace in my own home.

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Get your BF involved. He needs to parent his child. Talk to him about setting time limits on gaming while he is at your house.If things are serious between the two of you, it needs to be worked out before the relationship goes further. A 6y/o needs to be doing more than playing video games. At 6y/o my kids had some homework. Is your BF making sure that he doesn't have homework???

But I would definitely talk to BF his DS needs rules when at your house.. JMO

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Your house, your rules! Tell the BF to enforce them and they can overdose on video games at his house.

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