Name Three Things You Are Doing Today

marilyn_sueNovember 12, 2012

Too much to do, but here are three of the things I have done.

1. Move several cases of canned food.

2. Mopped

3. Took a ride with Izzi out back on my "big rig".

What three things have you done today?


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Slept late and skipped water this morning
Monthly luncheon I planned for our water ladies. Great turnout 17. Went to an Italian restaurant, which I had earlier made reservations
Gotta make sausage and wild rice casserole for church luncheon, which is Tues.

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Got two new table lamps.
Bought groceries
Vacuumed the carpet, and I'm tired!

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1. I get up early, around 4:00am every morning, even on the weekends! Just can't sleep late anymore. But, fixed David breakfast since he had to go to work today. Made his lunch.

2. Took my coffee out on the back porch and when it was light enough sat and crocheted for a while.

3. Seasoned up chicken for supper, put it in the fridge. Took the ingredients out to make Glenda's Chocolate Sour Cream Cake which turned out delicious!

(Now I straightening up the house and sweeping floors)

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Slept Late......but
Breakfast for the two of us...
morning chores
sewing ...sewing....sewing

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Dh took me out for breakfast. We went in our antique car.

Gave that car a bath and put her away for the winter.

Made 2 kinds of soup in prep for company that will be eating with us tomorrow.

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My cell phone died so went to AT&T/Best Buy to check out new ones~~forgot it was a holiday too many people I will try again timorrow.

Zipped to Target got DGD's cute Christmas lights that were on sale for their bedrooms;)

Yoga later this evening

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Well unfortunately I am sick again, the bug my husband came down with Friday was totally different from the other one I had. So we are now both sick. This one is not bronchitis, it is in the head, sinus, coughing and horrible head ache with joint pain.
I hope no one else comes down with it.

So today I mostly stayed in bed, fixed juices, took pills.

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Today I met for the first time 2 online friends locally. This weekend I met 5 other online friends. These are all people I know from a professional message board. It was one of the coolest things I have ever experienced.

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I did a load of laundry

I stripped the guest room bed and remade it with new sheets and the winter quilt

Spent way too much time on the phone

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It's a holiday here for Remembrance Day so gym class was cancelled. So I'm

playing here
making the family a nice roast dinner

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Went to local cafe for breakfast with DH driving--roads very icy and slippery Snow shoe/boots are good!!!!
started cleaning my junk closet and finding stuff I forgot about
planning to have chicken for supper

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It has only been 10 days since elbow surgery & I can't do anything for 3 more weeks & then the next 3 weeks very little. I am getting very very tired of this but I know it is what I have to do. Just don't want a 4th year of surgery.

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Did a load of laundry
Vacuumed living room
Watched precious Finn for 5 hrs. Could not get him down for a nap.

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Lunch with friend
Booked flights for Christmas

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Took DH to the surgery center for his op
Waited, waited waited until surgeon finally let us know that he was done and okay.
Got him home and into bed

He's asleep, and frankly, I'm on the verge--worrying wears me out!

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Azzalea, glad your husband came through surgery okay! Yes, worrying just does one it doesn't it.

Hope you feel better soon RavenCajun! (knock on wood) I haven't been sick with a cold in a long time. But with taking the Methotrexate I better get a flu shot this year!

Just got through with supper, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor again(cat played with her kibble food on floor and I stepped on it.) Put the dishes away, took a shower and now it is MY time! I might sit with a cup of tea and crochet some more on the new doily I started this morning.


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Went to work
Made a roast for dinner
Loaded the dishwasher

Exciting day, LOL. Hope to now sit down & watch a little TV before bed.

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Well, since it's getting late, i will post three things I already did today

Took a friend for her colonoscopy

Went to the bank (but it was closed!)

Pruned the rose bushes for the winter

Still have to clean the kitchen before I head to bed. I hope you all had a good day and checked lots of "to-do's" off you lists.

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Dropped my car off at the body shop.
Picked up a rental car.
Attended a quilt guild meeting.

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Tuesday- 1. Did a load of laundry.
2. Clean kitchen and fridge.
3. Hubby to coctor this afternoon.

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