Good Afternoon from winter wonderland

marie_ndcalNovember 2, 2012

Yep, about 4 inches of snow, not much wind, but roads are interesting. Some areas not advising travel and did not get to Big craft show in Minot. Wanted to, but not that much. Maybe tomarrow.


Yes the snow plows are out.

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It's looking better over here Marie. Started coming down fast & furious,thick and hard. Now its still coming down good, but not like someone dumped a pillow out.

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Oh dear! I dread the thoughts of winter coming. Once it gets here I like it, but I don't like waiting/thinking of snow.

Although, with the clocks going back tomorrow nite, the snow is nice to brighten things up.

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It's 76 outside right now and windows open, and turned heat off.

Come on down!

Not gonna last long though!

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Oh, no, you ND that heading my way, by any chance? I haven't watched the weather news all day.

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No!!!! No snow here in North Central MN thank you very much. Our guests just arrived here for a weekend of deer hunting, which means I can go to the "deer hunter widows" arts and crafts shows in town. All by myself! All day long! Shopping! Hair salon! All for me! If I wake up to snow and slippery roads tomorrrow, well, I'm going to be very cranky; and that's just for starters.

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Patty2430, I'm curious about where you live, since we are both in north central MN. Have fun at the craft shows!

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Phyllis, I'm just south of Deerwood, not far from Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge (not on Bay Lake tho)

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Four or so inches here in Larimore, too. I was in Grand Forks when the storm started. It took me an hour and a half to get home.

I had a good haul at the thrift stores and got groceries to last for ages, so "Let it snow; Let it snow; Let it snow!"

Still waiting on the new-to-me computer.

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