Silicone Bakeware Question

ont_galNovember 19, 2012

I "just" purchased a couple of baking items that are silicone-loaf pans,round cake pan and a bundt pan-is there anything different about using them from the traditional metal pans that I need to know?

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Be sure to use a cookie sheet or jelly roll pan underneath for stability and ease of transport.

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Google what you are asking here and it might help. Also if I remember there is or was a magazine called Canadian Living. Maybe if you went to there website, or even Food Network website.

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Sounds counter-productive, but I spray the pans with a cooking spray. Things were rising quite as much in the silicone. I don't remember what it was that set me to thinking, but I finally came to the conclusion that they was nothing for the batter to "grab" on to. Once I started to use spray, that fixed the problem.

As Fun2B pointed out, make sure you place a pan or cooling rack, or something study under the silicone before filling. Otherwise you will not be able to get the pan to the oven without a major disaster.

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Be sure to read and follow the instructions that came with the pans. The ones I have say NOT to place them on cookie sheets when baking. And they also say to NEVER use cooking spray. That's generally a good way to ruin any pan--metal or silicone, because it leaves residue behind that eventually builds up and destroys the surface.

Don't expect a nice crust on your baked goods. Don't expect the pan to really be non-stick--I've never had any pan stick as much as those darned silicone things do.

Some people (I'm one) notice a distinct silicone taste in food cooked in them, as well.

I'm not a fan as you can tell. But I have found a way to use mine. I put muffin liners in the muffin pan and use it to bake individual cheesecakes in the microwave.

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I hope you like yours better than I liked mine. I got rid of them after first thinking they were such a great idea. I was soooo glad I had not thrown out my old muffin pans. I can't imagine not putting the silicone "bakewear" on a baking sheet...especially muffin tins. They have no sturdiness to keep them on an oven shelf. I found them hard to clean up, also.

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I've used Silicone bakeware for years, and found some brands have the problems described (like Kitchenaid).
Good silicone bakeware can be folded. The stiffer the pan, the worse it is.
I do put my silicone bakeware on a cooling rack before putting into the oven - for stability.

I also use a very light spray of cooking oil, but the best stuff (I forget the brand, it's not made in the US and is black.) needs no oil applied.

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thank you all! experiments ahead,I can see ;)

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Monica - can you find the better spray in the supermarket? I'll check Shop Rite and Wegman's the next time I go there - and maybe even Whole Foods.

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Since the spray causes gunk to build up like on non-stick cookware, I'd use the Better than Pam goop.

I had some for a while too and Freecycled them. Hated it.

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Mare, I was speaking of better silicone product pan, not better spray.
I still cannot remember brand, not made in USA, and I bought it at a local gourmet cooking specialty store in Skippack,pa.

My only suggestion as to using the commonly sold molds, is to spray very lightly.

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Thanks Monica - I just went back and read your post - I completely misread that sentence. Thanks for the correction - that will save me from hunting for the black can of spray oil!

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Somebody just posted a set of silicone bakeware on Freecycle to give away. They didn't care for it at all.

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The Wilton Molds are good.
The more flexible the mold, the better.

Silicone is just a material. Like all cookware, the quality of the material, be it aluminum/steel/silicone, etc. varies greatly in the marketplace.

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all very interesting-I s'pose the good thing is that it is extremely bendable(good thing?) and appears to be darker,not quite black,but darker. Heres hoping

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I love using my silicone muffin pan for freezing soups or sauces in. Makes perfect single size portions, then I remove them from the pan and put them in ziplocks. I also like making no bake cookies in them.

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