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lydia1959November 5, 2012

My DD is living in Nebraska, driving a car that is in DH's and my name. We live in Missouri, the car she is driving is licensed in Missouri, has MO plates and is on our insurance policy.

DH says he talked to our insurance agent and that there isn't a problem continuing to have her on our policy and to keep MO plates on the car since the car is in our name and she is 'borrowing' the car.

I think we should put the car in DD's name and have her get NE plates and pay insurance in NE. She will most likely be there for another year or two.

It's easier to just keep the car on our insurance and in our names if that is legal. I'm just not sure the insurance agent my DH talked to was very knowledgeable.

Any insurance peeps here? What do you think?

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Talk to your state DMV (dept of motor vechicles). Here in ND if you get a job and work for 30 days, you must get ND plates and license and yes they are starting to crack down. Personally I would want the kids to be shown as owner in case of accidents. That way you don't lose everything in a law suit. Yes it almost happend to us.

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You're asking 2 questions--one regarding the insurance question, one regarding registration. In my state, if you move in, you have 60 days to register the car to this state.

I think you need to ask a few more questions of a few more people--what's the law regarding registration in the state where she's living? That's the first thing that needs to be settled, THEN you can find out if leaving the car on your insurance will work in that state.

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It really comes down to what the State she resides in mandates. If she is required to register the car in a certain amount of time then she will have to do so. When that happens, your MO insurance will not suffice. Each state has different insurance rules/regulations and she will no doubt be required to have Nebraska proof of insurance which means she will have to register the car in her name, you'll have to sign the title over to her, she cannot insure a vehicle she has no insurable interest in.
Depending on the company your insured with, most of the preferred companies will cover a loss should there be one. If she's going to be there that long, sign the title over to her, have her register the vehicle and get her own insurance.
Your agents knowledgeable, if it's a preferred company he/she knows the coverage is extended just like it would be if you were on vacation in another state. He just doesn't want to lose the premium or the car count.

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I live in a college town that has many cars with out of state plates. I think most college students keep their cars registered in their home state. Their parents address is usually considered their legal address.

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As long as you are the registered owner and you live in MO, you keep the MO tags and insurance. If you sell or give the car to your daughter, THEN she registers and insures it in HER state with her own, separate insurance policy.

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Is she a student?

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She graduated in May, so not a student any more.

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Don't forget the liability factor - she's on your policy and the car is in your name so you're responsible in the event of an accident. When our children graduated college and had their own jobs our insurance agent advised us to have them get their own insurance in their name. We gave them the cars they'd been driving and they registered and insured them at their address. Her comment was that if for some reason our kids were in an accident which resulted in a law suit - we would be putting our assets at risk.

Their rates were higher on their own - they didn't qualify for any multi-car or student discounts and even though they had been reimbursing us for their insurance they were surprised to find out their own policies were about $200 more. Does your DD keep your home as her legal address?

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If she isn't a student now, but working, then she should have a driver's license where she lives. And in that case, I'd transfer the car to her and let her get her own insurance, too.

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Just a side note.... Even the spouses and dependents of our Military members must comply with the laws of the state they reside, even tho the service member can keep their 'home of record' license and plates. As a 24 year "camp follower", I have had to be licensed in more states and countries (yes, countries) than I can count this morning.....while DH retained his 1954 drivers license until he surrendered it here in Oregon in 2004.(I could be wrong about that year, as he did have a different class license for Ca for some years...and may have had a newer one after he retired.) I ran into this problem when DH was serving overseas and I was living in a different state....much to my surprise, I needed both plates and matching DL asap. I do wonder if any of those laws have been changed (for our Military since the events in the Middle East)...but somewhat recently DD had the same problem when in Florida with a car (in her name) and DH stationed there....including bill of sale and other stuff.

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Yep Marie is right here in ND those are the laws. 30 days within moving here you must register your vehicle and I'd guess drivers license. IF you are a student, you don't. ALso in ND if you move to a different address you must get a new drivers license. Ask my daughter. I think it must be done in a short time too, like 10 days? Daughter moved to another town here in ND. Got stopped for speeding in the first month or two. Then got a ticket on top of the speeding ticket for not having her current address on her license! Shoot she was mad! I didn't know that either. lol
As far as insurance, I'd call the company that insures you and ask them. But I'd be checking out Nebraska DOT also to see what the requirements are for drivers licenses there.

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We gave DD car when she graduated medical school and was going to stay in Wisconsin and she had to plate it and insure it.

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Did you do any research since the last time this topic came up? As far as the license and stuff? You never said what happened then. Sounds like you've decided to just let it go and maybe now it's bugging you or something?

My own opinion FWIW, adult children living on their own and not going to school should pay their own way to teach them responsibility. Giving them some cash on occasion as a gift is fine, but teaching them entitlements isn't good.

Plus, most people seem to think that insurance limits liability and/or insurance pays everything in case of an accident. If it's in your name, you will get sued and if you have assets they can be jeopardized. Any judgment above your insurance limits goes against you so your house and other assets are fair game. Often people settle for insurance limits, but it doesn't always happen. People are getting more and more greedy with their entitlement attitudes and with how easy it is to sue these days.

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As you can see I got different replies (some people said put it in her name and other people said leave it in ours) on both that post and this one. Our insurance man says it's fine, the people at the NE license bureau say 'no', the car needs to be titled there. I'm confused and I think most people would be confused. lol

It's not 'bugging me'.. it's just that she's been there long enough now to know she is going to stay a while. My last post back in April was when she had just accepted the job. DD did get her NE driver's license and since our insurance agent said she'd be covered we left her on our policy... our insurance is due in December so I'm in a quandary again. We do also have an umbrella policy on our vehicles so I'm not super concerned about overzealous sue-happy peeps.

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I sell auto insurance daily for one of the big Illinois companies. If she's licensed in NE and has a permanent address there she should register the vehicle there and comply with that state's laws. Like I said earlier, your insurance agent will tell you it's fine, he knows a claim will be covered most likely but he doesn't want to lose the car count, I see this daily. Sign the title over to her, she has to be on it in order to insure a vehicle. Is your daughter on listed as an operator on the personal umbrella policy?

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Don't know about the insurance but in Indiana your suppose to change your plates if you move to another county. Granddaughter moved up here "northern part of in.)She came up from Kokomo,In. She had been up here six months and got stopped because her tail light was out. When he checked her papers he asked her what she was doing up here she told him she had moved and he told her she had to change her license and plates. Gave her 30 days

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Two.25acres... your last post cinched it for me.. we'll be putting the title in her name and let her register and license it in NE.

Thanks for everyone's input.

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