Name Three Things You Are Doing Today, Wed.

marilyn_sueNovember 14, 2012

I have been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Here are my 3 things I have done today.

1. Took down the kitchen draperies and sheers and washed them.

2. Washed the inside kitchen windows.

3. Baked two loaves of white bread.

Of course there are a lot more things I could add, but those are my 3 things. What are yours?


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Went to the Dr. for DH's pet scan
Had breakfast at cafe in town
Home to finish up washing and some housework

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1. Supposed to be taking it easy to recover from some dental surgery...but

2. I am cleaning house and

3. Working outside.

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1. Met with my personal trainer
2. Played bridge all afternoon
3. Going to a friend's house for dinner

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Cussin', fumin' and steamin' that pretty much covers it...UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone at a US Government office even had half a brain they'd play with it in the sandbox! GAH!

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Ran to the grocery store this morning

Washed and ironed the Christmas bathroom curtains and shower curtain so they'll be ready to hang next week

Working on cross stitching an apron for the holidays.

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1) Paying bills
2) Washing clothes
3) Sorting/tossing some stuff

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1. Work
2. Doing some research on Medicare Set-Aside rules, which I've read a dozen times and still don't completely understand.
3. Will be having a cold beer in about half an hour. Not soon enough.

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slept late, intentionally
lunched at Whistle Stop Cafe/Irondale Cafe
yearly meeting with advisor and delivered him and office two loaves of pumpkin bread

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Had company for dinner last night, they left late, so I did last nights dinner dishes this morning. (the dishwasher is out of service...smashed his pinky finger a few days ago)

Did 3 loads of laundry

Worked on a jigsaw puzzle between loads of laundry.

That is about it, yesterday wore me out. Daughter is coming by with tonights dinner, so I don't have to cook.

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Got up early...
Husband helped with bath. (cannot get foot wet as I have had to have some of it amputated last month, and then because of osteomyelitis more had to be amputated) Just stating facts here...
Went to wound center at hospital for them to pack foot. and do their thing.

went to caridio vascular surgeon for check up on leg that he did a bi pass on 6 months ago. Got resceduled because of emergency surgery he got called away on...

Then hubby and I went thrift store hopping and I found some Nora Roberts Books (hardbacks), look like they were brand new. Husband found some stuff he wanted too. Good all around day.

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Well, I am late posting to this but here is mine.

Finished cleaning/organizing guest room closet.
Did all the laundry.
Played games on my Kindle while watching TV.

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WalnutCreek Zone 7b/8a

These are three things I am doing today, Thursday:

Doctor appointment
Return two items to Costco
Shop for new towels for guest bathroom

That's about all I have the energy to do.

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I'm exhausted and it's only 9:41 am. Already rushed kitty to vet, blood in urine. Having 9 cats it took quite some time this morning to try and figure out who had the problem. Dropped the car off at the mechanics, lights went out and loud noise coming from the engine and finally a life insurance appointment at 7:30 am. Had everything done by 8:30, took a short break and now I'm preparing for a boring meeting. Just hope I don't fall asleep. Will have to wait for results on the kitty and the car.
Ugh, when it rains it poors.

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I didn't have time to post yesterday.
3 things I did on Wednesday:
Drove out to western Iowa to visit 2 cousins and their new babies who are 10 days apart. Got my baby fix rocking both babies.
Got back in time to pick up Finn at daycare (first time I have picked him up). Watched him until it was time to go to church supper.
Took Finn, the brownies I baked the day before, and our place settings to church Thanksgiving supper. He entertained those seated near us. He likes to be the entertainer.
I am worn out today and don't plan to do one thing until 7:30 p.m. when Finn's mom will drop him off here for an hour or so.

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Woke at 10:15 ... almost 15 min. drive to Old Farts Club at church ... 15 min. drive away.

Was 15 min. late.

o j

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watched the sunrise with my son. We ate bread fresh from the oven and had hot chocolate

redoing my personal budgets

moving my bank/savings accounts

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Update from o j,

Was out of time at earlier library, so ...

... secondly, came to talk to you folks ...

... shopped for milk (on sale) and yogurt ...

... bought some glucosamine sulfate - that may help my arthritis.

Had a bowl of soup at local restaurant (as had had only a coffee and slice of bread since morning), then,

came here to talk to you folks (again).

Tomatoes, all gathered last week, were pretty well friz; have some cabbages to get in tomorrow (before snow flies), then all that's left in the garden is swiss chard, that's sending up new, fresh shoots ... and broccoli, that's recently been sending out tiny bracts. They're both tough, when it comes to frost.

Three-quarters of a mile of garden seems about enough.

ole joyful

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Travel to Holland Michigan
See our DD and DSIL
Get reaquainted with our 2 DGDs

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