Facebook Photos Sharing Question!

country_bumpkin_alNovember 14, 2012

Is there a setting to stop someone from "Sharing" my personal photos? Friend from years ago, just "shared" a photo of my husband on HER personal Facebook! I just recently re-connected with her and she found out he died in 2008! (They grew up in the same community). It kind threw me to see she'd share his photo! :(

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It's too bad it is bothering you so. I think she just wanted to let his friends from his youth know of his passing and see him as he looked in his grownup years. She wouldn't even needed to use your picture from Facebook if his picture was in the obituary notice, which often can be found through the internet. I have put in my picture file such pictures of friends who have died whose pictures I didn't have.

I don't know enough technical stuff with Facebook to answer your question other than to unfriend her.

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Not only a Facebook problem, but an internet problem. Facebook only exacerbates the problem. She shows one picture to 3 people, each of those 3 show it to 3 more. You get the picture. Sometimes it's not even a picture you have posted, but one they "found".

Welcome to the real world!

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Do you have her tagged in it, Brenda? If so, untag her. Worth a try.

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No...she's not tagged! And none of here Facebook friends are/were friends of HIS! There is no mention of who he is on HER Facebook!

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There's no way to keep people from sharing your photos unless you mark them as private, so no one can see them but you. "Only Me".

I wish there was a way to prevent people from "borrowing" your photos. I am careful not to share anything I don't want spread around. It's too bad because we might show more pictures to our friends if we had control over how they are used.

I still think it is rude to share a picture without asking.

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Toni S

I really thought there was a way. You may have to customize your privacy settings. OR just tell her you are feeling uncomfortable and would she remove his picture.

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You can politely ask her to remove his pic, but it's almost like shutting the barn door after the cows have escaped. It's 'out there now' for the whole world to see, copy, download...yada, yada, yada.

That being said, Facebook is only doing what they have told everybody they would - that is, be a social media site!

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You can temporarily delete the photo and it will no longer show anywhere its shared.

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It wouldn't help in this case, but you can change your privacy settings so that no one can tag your photo without your consent.

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They can still "share" photo's even if tagging is disabled.

You can edit the privacy on your albums - I believe you can even edit it to make it so just her (or whoever you choose) cannot view your photos.

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Yes, you can edit your privacy setting so certain individuals can't see things on your wall or in photos b

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DD recently got a boxer pup. She is FB friends with the people she got her from.I snapped a pic of someone with the boxer pup. Put on DD's wall (and mine) The next day I went to FB and had a request these people would like to tag the pic that had the puppy in it. They saw it from her wall. I had to give permission before they could tag it. Now dont ask me how I have it set up, cause heck if I know anymore, but I know it can be done.

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