LED Christmas lights - do you like them?

maire_cateNovember 29, 2010

I'm thinking about replacing all my Christmas lights both outside and inside. I use little white ones for the artificial tree in the living room and colored lights on the live tree in the family room. I know the LED lights last longer, use less electricity and if one goes bad the string will still light.

If you're using them are you happy with how they look? Any hints on selection them?



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I don't like them as much as the regular older bulbs but am switching over due to the high cost of electrcity. All the ones I have outside right now are LCD but I still have my older strings in case I change my mind another year.

Inside we haven't put our big tree up and have no plans to do that this year. Oue living room is now too small with the two big dog crates in it and there is no room for a big tree. The trees we have up our two table top ones, a fiberoptic one and an aluminum one with no lights.

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My DD put them on their artifical tree and WOWW you need sunglasses to look at it~~~she wants to take some off put her family thinks it is too funny like a Griswald Christmas tree~~~maybe just do not put on too many or put a few on step back and then add more she says a night time it looks worse LOL!!

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We put up LED outside lights last year and this year. They are BRIGHT! We really like them, we use the multi color not the white.
You need to check,some of the brands only hook together in one central place ( like a giant octopus!). We ended up taking back 10 boxes after finding out this.

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I dont care for the colors, so no, I don't like them. The white isn't a true white, it's more of a blue tone and they're too bright. The colored lights are better but I like the variety of colors with the regular lights.

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I hate them. They hurt your eyes to look at. And while they seem bright in some ways, in others seem to give off very little light.

We've put some regular LED bulbs in a couple of fixtures and found that they don't last very well. In one fixture, that we hardly ever use, the LED's seem to burn out after only about 20 hours of use (repeatedly--this wasn't a one-time thing). DH has come to the conclusion that they're zapped by heat (at least HE thinks so)--so you may want to be careful where you store them for the summer. If he's right (and I have no idea if he is), then storing the Christmas decorations in the attic may not be the best idea if you want the LED's to work next year.

Me? We have hundreds of strings of regular, old-fashioned twinkles, C-7's and C-9's. We won't be replacing the lights in our outdoor display anytime soon--who could afford to? And my living room tree has beautiful, small white twinkle-type bulbs that are frosted. I've only ever seen them one place. They're gorgeous, and you couldn't get that look with LED's.

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Thanks everyone for your input. I have noticed that they seem brighter - some of them almost have a neon glow about them. I stopped at my local nursery to see their decorations and even in the daylight they seemed really bright.

Maybe I'll wait another year and see if they improve any. I do like the look of my little lights on my indoor trees. Since I don't have a large outdoor display I think I will replace those.

Thanks again,

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I've bought many sets of the LEDs over the past few years and love them. Since they stay cool to the touch, there's less worry about fires and our young son can touch them without hurting himself. (Not that he's allowed to touch them, but you know.....)

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I bought colored ones for our indoor tree. they are neon
bright, but like some one else said, they don't give off
much light. I'm disappointed. they are not they nice soft color of the old strands.

someone on this forum mentioned them last year or the year before. They bought them for outside. And because they give off heat, the snow didn't melt and the lights were
covered in snow and you couldn't see them! lol

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Our home sits about 700 feet back off the road so the brighter light is great for us, as is the savings on the electric bill. The new LEDs are a true white, I hated the blue/white too.

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Kmart had them half off the Saturday before last and I found out (thru the internet) that you could bring in old lights and receive $4 off LED lights. Dashed out the door at 8:30 pm and grabbed 18 strands of lights on the way out. 'Bought' 18 strands of LED lights for 49â each (4.49 half price from $8.99 minus $4). They are on the house outside and look great to me!! We bought blue and white. My daughter's boyfriend took them off the strands to alternate blue and white.

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I bought some this year. I have a bunch of the old style indoor and outdoor ones but am concerned about the age of them, plus I didn't feel like digging them out only to find cracked cords or something. So I bought some LED ones that I thought would be on a lot so the savings would be worthwhile.

What's not to like? They use, what, 1/10th the electricity and they're light bulbs! They give off light. I looked at cool white and warm white. I prefer cool white usually on the all white but decided to get a mixture. Bought a net for the railing along the hallway that's multicolor and twinkling and a strand of multicolor icicle lights to go down the railing by the steps. Also a strand of multicolor and white, one for the tree to use instead of 'trizity hogs that are on it and one for around the door or a window outside if I put them up. (Haven't put either of them up yet) The icicle ligts are niticibly brighter than the net but that's not a problem.

LEDs are available in many different sizes and shapes, from stars to globes to the same shape as traditional lights and they only cost a few dollars more than the hogs. I can't see any down side to them - only advantages. Simple math tells you the potential savings. If you run the lights like my dad would - you wouldn't pay for them, but if you run them like I am, the savings should offset the cost of them in a reasonable timeframe.

If I see some deals on them I'll probably pick up some more, especially the rope lights. That's a lot more logical nightlight than one little bulb.

Logic suggests to me that especially for someone who has a large display and runs them a lot, they're a no-brainer.

Considering the electric savings I've had just from CFLs with the price on LEDs now, no doubt in my mind. I just would like to see the LED bulbs for lamps drop like the Christmas lights have.

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I'm thinking about picking them up. I really miss the bright lights of the C7 bulbs now that we've gone to an artificial tree.

I doubt, though that I'm ever going to find anything I like nearly as much as the old Ge Satin Brite bulbs from the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Red, Blue, Gold, Green... they were absolutely gorgeous.

The last one burned out a few years ago when we were decorating.

And you know, it's weird to say, but that Christmas just did not feel like Christmas. It felt as if the last lingering vestiges of the childhood mystical view of Christmas was finally severed.

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OMG I think they are disgustingly bright...There is no warm glow at all. I don't buy them and when my old lights fail, then I will go without ,until they improve them.

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For some outdoor lighting displays I guess they are ok. But on a tree I think they are ugly and give off a harsh light.

We used to use C7s on our real trees. Now that we have a fake tree we use pearl lights. Very pleasant soft lights. Just need a lot more of them on the tree. I think we have like 500 or something.

I am boycotting anything labeled "green". The legislators in California has gone off their rockers. If they wee pushing well thought out ideas to a safe energy i would be all for it. But this knee h jerk "let's ban the old" approach has me rebelling. I just picked up four packages of 3 way incandescents for my stash of light bulbs for the household lamps and fixtures. They are getting harder to find on the shelves already. They are trying to ease us into the idea with "long life" bulbs that look similar.

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My husband still likes the old fashioned bulbs. We own maybe six strings. The problem is that replacement bulbs are getting harder to find every year. I guess stores don't want to bother stocking all types of bulbs. I fear we'll have to go to to LED one year soon.

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I got a set last year from QVC for my front porch they are battery operated and come ith a timer love them I'll be watching their Christmas saasonal shows and get anothr set. I dont put up a tree anymore in the house.

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I'm in the camp that detests them, while they seem bright and hurt your eyes to look at (cannot fathom using them inside at all for that reason), they don't light up the area the way the regular, old-fashioned lights do. When we have our display on, in Dec. we use very little in the way of indoor lighting, because there's enough from outside--you could never do that with LED's.

The other thing I've found--while LED holiday lights were very very popular when they first came out, the last year or two, you see fewer and fewer--is that because they really don't look good? We suspect another reason, though. We tried LED lightbulbs (not holiday lights, 'regular' bulbs) in some of our lights. They don't last long. Several of them lasted less than 20 hours before they burned out, others lasted longer, but continuously got dimmer and dimmer. DH asked an engineer where he worked (utility company) about it--he hadn't used any in his home yet--this was when they first came out. Next time dh saw him--the next year--engineer said he had the same problem, they don't last. So we've been wondering if the LED holiday lights are burning out quickly? and people are going back to the 'real deal'?

It's a lot of money to spend for something that many people find uncomfortable to be around, that may or may not last very long.

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No, I don't like them. I don't think they last longer either. Bought new lights, hung them two years ago and had long strings of blown lights on my house.

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Toni S

our prelit tree has led lights and they are awesome. It lights up in colors or clear and neither of them hurt my eyes.
Guess I've been fortunate not to run into pleasant colors. They aren't hot, so I'm enjoying that aspect.

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I hate them. Way too bright and garish to my eye. The blue white tone hurts my eyes. I feel like I should be wearing sunglasses around them. LOL

I prefer the old fashioned bulbs. I have never been a fan of mini lights either but we have an artificial tree so we have them on it but they are the little tiny globe ones.

I have tons of old fashioned lights (the big ones) still stored for outdoor use. Now that I no longer allow DH up on the roof we are trying to come up with an attractive way to use them in the lower areas of our house. I loved the simplicity of them following the roof line. I keep saying we should maybe plant a small Xmas tree in our front yard. it's a tiny front yard because most of our lot is in the back so there is not much you can landscape.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I like them, we have them all around the atrium, the dangling ice sickle kind, they look great in there. We put our Christmas tree out there in the atrium too looks very nice. They are bright but I like the blue tinge. I prefer the day light light bulbs they too have a slight blue hue. I like that over the warmer yellow hue bulbs.
We got a lot of them at hobby lobby end of season clearance for cheap.

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I thought I got a great bargain on a battery operated wreath last year with LED lights with multi colored or the clear options. Used it for the Christmas holiday outside on the door but not thrilled with it. No ambiance. Otherwise, worked very well.

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I have a 3 ft fiber optic tree that I set on a table so the
chainsaw toothed peke won't chew it up. I bought a slender
pre-lit tree, 7 ft tall, on clearance, but it's still in the box unopened,
from 3 years ago. Do you think those are LED?

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For those who don't like the blue-ish white LEDs, look for "warm white" rather than "cool white" or "ice white" on the packaging. I have multicolored LED indoor mini lights and the warm white looks just like the old incandescent bulbs. The only tipoff that they're LEDs is that the blue lights are brighter than the dark blue incandescents were. And the whole string uses only about 4 watts rather than 45 that the old ones used - and I've had them for years without any burning out.

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Glad this popped back up since I was going to as this. I put several strings of white lights on my fence and I really notice the difference in my electric bill. I've been thinking of switching to the LEDs, but really don't like the blue tinge or the very bright white. I hope the warm white will be the answer.

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I don't know if it is just me but I use the multi-colored LED outside and I hate them because unless you are real close to them, the lights all look blue. I bought 10 strands of the mini lights last year and every strand is either half out or all the way out. Very frustrating for the amount I paid.

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Just repeating what I wrote last August
I got a set last year from QVC for my front porch they are battery operated and come ith a timer love them I'll be watching their Christmas saasonal shows and get anothr set. I dont put up a tree anymore in the house.

So nice to know they come on and off by themselves

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Well, I spring for two sets of LED Warm White lights at Costco. I feel kind of bad about spending the money on them since I have yards and yards of the regular white mini-lights already. I am hoping the LEDs cut down on the electric bill. However, if I can't stand the way they look, I will go back to my old ones and return these to Costco.

I will stick with my multi-colored mini lights for the tree.

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"What's not to like?". Lots. I hate them. Perhaps I haven't seen the "warm white", but I hate the white that I have seen that has a blue tint (same as some headlights!!!), I don't like the brightness, and I don't like the neon-y look.

Hey - lights on trees/bushes are supposed to mimic glistening branches. IMO, They're not supposed to look high-tech (and also IMO, they're not supposed to be strung in rings around a tree, either, as some people seem to do; they should be placed as dew would glisten!). They're meant to be moisture/snow/whatever glistening in the moonlight.

To me, those LED lights just don't cut it.

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I don't like the colors, and the brightness bothers my eyes. Not for me.

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I plugged in the LED lights I got from Costco. They are horrible. Glad I didn't put them on the fence before trying them. They are going back. Ugh.

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I hate the ones I've seen previously. I use white lights on my tree. The LED ones are very bright & they're way too blue. Instead of giving the tree a warm glow, they make it look cold & icy. One of our area shopping centers uses them in their trees & I think they look awful. I haven't seen the warm white, so maybe they're better.

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We have a mix on our block, and we think the LED lights are too bright and too cool blue. I like the warm golden glow of the old white lights.

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