Need a fun game for Christmas Eve

jenson13November 6, 2012

I will be having 4 teen agers, 2 grandparents and 2 parents on Christmas Eve. We always play games,, but am looking for a new one. We have done charades, cards, need something different.

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Team Trivia Challenge?

Here is a link that might be useful: Source for Questions

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I love to play Rummikub. My 14 year old niece got me hooked on it. You may need a couple of games to get the hang of it but it is an excellent mental challenge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rummikub

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LCR - left-Center-Right. Anyone, any age, can play, and you are never 'out' until the very end.

Here is a link that might be useful: LCR

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There is a brand new game involving Legos. Just saw it on TV last night. Board game and building small lego things. Can't remember name but could be interesting.

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Brand new Words with friends board game is out now.

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Catch Phrase. Love it. Usually play it with two people on a team, but at our Halloween party we just passed it to the next person in the circle and the whole group had to guess.

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We play several games at Christmas, some of which are mentioned above.

I think the favorite is Christmas Bingo. Google Christmas games or specifically Christmas Bingo.

For Bingo we use dried beans (bean-go) for markers and Hershey miniatures for prizes. You would be surprised how the grown ups will "fight" over who gets the last Mr. Goodbar or dark chocolate.

Usually there are 5 adults and 2 teen age boys.

We also do the Dirty Santa thing.

Merry Christmas.


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Well, at our Christmas we have all ages from 3 year olds to 80 year olds. One of us (usually me or my sister) wraps up a small gift (usally a gift certificate or $10) in a small box and keep adding this to a box. When we get done we have it wrapped in about 6 different boxes. We do the dice game and when someone gets doubles, they have to put on a pair of heavy gloves and try to open the gift. In the meantime, the rest of us take turns shaking the dice until another person gets doubles, then they take the gift and gloves and attempt to open the gift. The person to get the gift opened, gets to keep the gift. Hoep I explained it correctly.

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Mexican Dominos would be great to play, for that age group. (teens and up)You can get the game at Wal-Mart. Very little brain work, it's easy to play.
Also, for a family game, Apples to Apples is always good. It works a little better with people who know each other.

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We love Apples To Apples

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At an annual family gathering with my wife's family we often play a game that they call "Celebrity", which goes as follows:

Divide into two teams, each person gets four (or five or six) small pieces of paper on which they write a name or object or short phrase. All of the pieces of paper are folded and placed in a basket. Each person takes a timed, one-minute-long turn with that person selecting papers from the basket and the rest of their team guessing.

In the first round, the rules are similar to catch phrase, the clue giver cannot say any part of the answer.

So if the answer was "Abraham Lincoln" the clue giver might say "He's a President, He freed the slaves, He's on the Five Dollar Bill"

When someone on his team guesses correctly the clue giver draws another and continues until the minute runs out, and the number of clues correctly guessed is tallied. Then the next player from the other team goes, and give clues for a minute, alternating like this until all of the clues are gone. If a answer hasn't been guessed when the time runs out, it is returned to the basket.

Then ALL of the answers are re-folded and returned to the basket for the second round, which starts with the player after the one who ended the first round. The second round is charades, with all the usual rules of charades, but since the clues are one that you've just heard in the previous round it tends to go faster than normal charades, and even if you cannot think of what to do for a given answer, there's at least a chance one of your teammates will remember a particularly tough answer from the first round and shout it out (perhaps they even wrote it) Again each clue giver gets one minute, and the total number that are correctly guessed are added to the tally.

Round two continues until all of the answers have been guessed, and again the slips of paper are re-folded and returned to the basket.

In the third round, play proceeds as in the first two rounds, but the clue giver is only allowed to say a single word. They can say the word slow or fast or say it multiple times, but they can only say one word. Again given that the players have all heard the answers in the first two rounds, the play in the third round can proceed surprisingly quickly.

In the end the team that guessed the most answers correctly wins.

You have to establish house rules about whether a clue giver is allowed to pass if they don't know the answer they drew, and some sort of guidelines for what are "acceptable answers" and how close the guess has to be to the written answer to be correct.

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