Did you get your clocks changed??

minnie_txNovember 4, 2012

I changed one TV and vcr recorder the wrong way. When I checked the time on my computer (which changed by itself) I realized the error. I didn't bother with some wall clocks. (the singing birds the dogs barking the Christmas carols etc) because it doesn't matter I never really look at them for the time and they do there thing on the hour. I think it's wonderful that so many electronic stuff changes all by itself

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DH reported he's got most of them done (we've got something like 40 or 50--but I'm sure I've forgotten some). That, of course, DOESN'T count the things like computers, cell phones, kindle, etc that change themselves. The atomic clock, for some reason changed but went back 2 hours instead of one. He still has the car and truck to do.

We call this weekend his holiday--he just loves clocks, we have 4-5 in most rooms, and he really enjoys keeping them correct to the second.

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just some. Which brings up a good point. I wanted to call someone... who I knew was leading a bike ride... and thought she would already be gone.

NOOOO! I looked at the microwave, and it hadn't been changed yet. LOL

So, now I changed all, cept the speedometers on my bikes, and the car clock.

Those will get changed, or not... it doesn't matter. LOL


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I only changed my bedroom clock a little while ago. Cheryl changed some downstairs, probably not all of them and she put up a clock I had been wanting put in my kitchen instead of my bird clock. The bird clock will now go into my sewing room.


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Minnie, I did the same thing with the oven clock--set it forward an hour instead of back. So now I was two hours wrong. I couldn't find the stove manual--every other manual under the sun but that one--but finally just winged it enough to get it right. Just have our bedroom clock left to do.

Man, I thought we had way too many clocks, but I think Azzalea gets the prize :0

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Good to know someone else has a thing for clocks...I've got a solid wall in my den that has a dozen unique-looking ones. I love it! And they all have to be the exact same time or it would drive me crazy.

I have to have at one in every room.

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the most important one (aside from dh's alarm) is our coffee maker (only makes hot water for our tea) boy if that hadn't been changed, i would have heard about it!

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We live in AZ and don't have to change the clocks at all....EVER! :)

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I changed all the house clocks and my watch on Sunday. This thread reminded me that I got clocks in my automobiles that need reseting.

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I changed the wall clocks and my bedroom clock before I went to bed on Saturday, the microwave and stove when I got up. I'll do my watches as I wear them.

One of my battery clocks loses up 10 minutes regularly. I am always re-setting it. Those of you with multiple clocks on a wall, how do you make sure they all keep the same time? The mechanism or something must wear out that this one is often wrong.......and it just started doing it.

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My mom called me yesterday afternoon, "You forgot to tell me to turn my clocks back. I went to church and the parking lot was empty!"

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My hubby changed all the clocks. That's his job. LOL We don't change the clocks in the vehicles...too much hassle. I wish we didn't have to change at all. I like Daylight Savings time and would like to keep it year round.

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I have several atomics and they work fine. Just have to be set up to the correct time zone and you're set. Then on the others it's just to remember whether I'm to "spring forward" an hour or "fall forward" 11 or 23 hours depending on the clock. Few of my clocks allow me to "fall backward".

These days I carry the cell phone for setting clocks in the bathroom, kitchen, etc, to make sure they're accurate. Can't stand having a clock showing the wrong time.

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