Amazing race... didn't see a post on this weeks show

kacramNovember 29, 2012

I'm okay with the two that went home. How can they be so upset that they were turned around.. or whatever it's called. They had planned to do it to the two guys that they were working with, why can't a team do it to them?

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It is called a 'U Turn'~~~I was not sorry to see them go~~I do not like people that blame others because they are not winning, like they are special. DANG those goat farmers were making me crazy with that one guy wanting to even go and help them with the U Turn challenge or wait for them! It is a GAME man, move your butt get tho the finish line! His partner said 'what then when we race to the finish line you are going to stand back and let them go first' SHEESH!

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I was saying the same thing! lol

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