dry noodles

jkayd_il5November 14, 2012

While cleaning a top cabinet I found a bag of dry noodles I bought at an Amish store in June 2011. Can I still use them? Some are a bit broken but otherwise look OK. I have some leftover roast beef and may attempt beef and noodles.

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Yes! Noodles are sold dry for long shelf life.

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As long as you don't see any critters in the bag, go ahead and use them.

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Sure. I keep dried pasta for years with no problem.

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The problem you can run into with super old noodles is that when cooked, they can fall apart. It's still okay to eat them, but they don't look as good. I had that happen once, and asked a local pasta maker--he assured me they were still fine to eat (of course, I'd already tossed them, LOL)

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Being in a bag, the first thing I'd do is put them into another bag and then freeze them for a couple days in case of invaders. Otherwise, a year is nothing for dry pasta. It'll be fine.

When I buy pasta, rice and the like, I freeze them then put in jars or at least an extra bag to keep critters out.

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