Got Catalogs? (a rant)

gazania_gwNovember 27, 2012

I have been getting 'holiday' catalogs almost daiy since August. In the last 6 weeks or so there has been on many days a dozen or more in my mailbox at a time. Many of the same ones are repeated every week...just have a different cover on it. Really! How many of these do these companies think we need? Does it really help their sales to send out so many. Yesterday there was 13 in my mail box, last Friday 15. Eleven of those 28 were duplicates of ones recieved the week before. The rest I have also recieved within the past month or so.

I do like the merchandise and order from some catalogs, so don't want to shut them off but it seems once you order from one, the world has your name and the catalog flood starts.

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That's so funny, because my neighbor used to get hundreds of them, and she would give them to me later, I would look. And then throw away. Now, she has moved, and I probably have gotten TWO this season, I miss them!!

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I don't bother to look at them. I throw them straight in the trash. The catalog stuff is stuff I buy on the internet anyway. Why even bother looking at the catalog.

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I like to look thru them for ideas and also the babies love the pictures. They can color, tear etc and the they get tossed.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I love to look at catalogs and used to order quite a few catalogs. Certain companies do send out a new small catalog almost weekly which I agree is over kill and many of those go to the trash. But I love to sit in my chair while watching tv and browse a catalog then if I find something I like I look it up on my tablet or computer to get a better view. I tend to order from online rather than the catalog.
I miss some that I used to get but no longer get since I moved.

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You can opt out of paper catalogs by going to the vendor website and requesting to be taken off their catalog mail list, or you can go to this catalog opt-out website and do it all in one place. Much better for the environment than throwing them out.

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I haven't bought from catalogs in years, and eventually they do drop you. About the only one I get regularly is Land's End, and I enjoy looking at it. Stop shopping from them, and request to get off mailing lists, and you'll cut way back on the overload.

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I don't buy from catalogs either. I do get two or three, about a couple times a year.

Maybe, because I moved enough? LOL

But really, if I get some I don't want/need, I call their 800 number and ask to be removed from their list.

They are usually very nice about it, and it quits after one or two more catalogs.


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I don't receive any catalogs, I would look at some if I did get them. Gardening ones I do get.


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I love looking through them and get quite a few. Crate and Barrel and Harry and David's are two of my favorites. I have a stack to look through one of these days. If I like something I will do like Raven and look it up on the internet and order from there.

I'd really like to work at Crate and Barrel :-)

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I get handsful every day. The majority go directly into the recycling bag. What a waste.

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I got 8 of them today. And yes, they are the exact same ones I got last week; just a different cover. I love the fact that you can curl up and look at them and then wander over to the computer, order and in a couple days, there's your item! Sure beats the days of filling out an order form, mailing it, and waiting weeks to get your item! :)
I LOVE LOVE LOVE online shopping!

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I highly recommend opting out of catalogs - it really seems to work! I opted out a while ago on, and it drastically cut down on the junk mail.

Just lately I've gotten a few mail catalogs from companies I've ordered from online, and noticed that some companies have a way to opt out of their catalogs in your online profile, although it's often buried a bit. Stopping the catalogs at the source is definitely my favorite option!

Here is a link that might be useful: FTC Article on Opting Out of Catalog Mail

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I get Lands End and L.L. Bean, but I love to look at catalogs. So..........I check out the recycle basket at our PO and take any catalogs I might want to look at. They all get recycled before long.

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I'm actually happy to see the return of all the catalogs. I used to get several and then when the recession hit, retailers stopped spending the money.

To me, seeing the catalogs coming back is a sign of a small recovery. At least they are spending money again.

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We don't get them anymore. I guess because we didn't order anything. I kind of like to look at them but I spend too much time on the computer and I can look up anything I might need ~ mostly to see if it's a good product. I love that Amazon has people that rate things.

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I love to get and look through catalogs.

The ones I did not want - I opted off their mailing lists AND asked that they NOT pass my name along to others.

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