Stauffed Animals/Refurbish

sandieflNovember 26, 2012

I don't know if refurbish is a word,when it concerns stuffedfed animals. I checked on Dorothy's list and didn't see it.My question is, does anyone know how to make stuffed animals look newer? My DH and I love to go to Thrift Stores.Yesterday the SPCA had a 60% off sale plus the Wooden Nickle. My DH's cousin and I collect Teddy Bears. I found one that does a Christmas Rap. His clothes can be washed, but I don't know how to make his fur nicer. I have tried brushing some of my other bears and they still look "loved".Sue and I "adopt" bears so she doesn't mind if it is loved. I just wondered if there is a way to make his fur nicer.TIA for any help you can give.

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I always tossed stuffed animals (kid's toys and dog toys) into the washer and the dryer, of course you can't do that with the electronic ones.

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Try using a steam iron or household steamer on the bear. It will fluff it up, plus the steam may help kill germs.

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Rub and fluff it with fabric softener sheet

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I know one thing NOT to do with a "dusty" long haired stuffed fur baby.... that is to put it in a warm dryer.. It just "frizzled" the hair up. I think I meant it to be fluffed in the dryer....but I am not sure just now. I do know that I still have my frizzie loved (stuffed) beardie.

I wonder if brushing with cornstarch would work to refresh. I think I have read that you can use cornstarch on real furbabies. Good luck.

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Oops! I cut my finger today and have had trouble typing. I did check the preview,but didn't go up far enough.That is supposed to be stuffed. Thanks for your help.

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We knew what you meant.

I've used lysol (the kind in a bottle you dilute with water) on them--lightly spritz and comb. It's taken a lot of stuff off. I have used bathroom spray bleach (alos very lightly sprayed) on my Coca-Cola bears without problems, but they're solid white.

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