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marilyn_sueNovember 9, 2012

It is really a nice day here up to 62 and sunny. I have kept busy today baking pies. I baked a big cherry pie earlier and now have the last two of four big sweet potato pies in the oven. I may bake a cake when they are finished. Amber and I are going to share a sweet potato pie, two sweet potato pies will be donated to the church's chili supper, and the other sweet potato pie is going to Cheryl and Kevin. The cherry pie is for Norm. The cake is for later this weekend. It would be a nice day to be out enjoying the day but guess that will have to wait until tomorrow. I might make it to my sewing room after I do some laundry. How is your weather today and what is everyone doing?

Sue in Central Indiana

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We had a cold start this morning. It was 40 degrees when I got up at 6:30. Now it's about 65--not much warmer than Indiana.

Your pies sure sound good, Sue. I'd have to make Norm share that cherry pie. I think it's my favorite fruite pie.

After Harry gets out of the shower we're going to pick up my cookbooks from Habitat. They advertised in the paper they were putting a cookbook together if anyone wanted to send in recipes, so I did. I love Habitat for Humanity. We tried to get there the other day but got lost and came home--haha! Thanks to Google maps, I think I can find it now :-)

Yesterday, when I was getting out of the car, I was talking to my neighbor across the street and not paying attention to what I was doing and the car door banged into my leg. Last night it was hurting a little--like a bruise--and I thought I was surely going to have a huge purple mark on my leg. But when I got in the shower this morning there was no bruise, just a hole in my leg. Yikes. Scrubbed it really good and put neosporin on it. Just goes to show you I can't close a door and talk at the same time!

We may/may not go grocery shopping on our way home from Habitat. Depends on the number of cars in Publix's lot. Love that store, hate those crowds.

Weather is supposed to be in the 80's for a few days again by Monday. One can only hope!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

It is 82 with blue skies and a good breeze here today in North Houston area. Beautiful day.

I have no specific plans today other than just some clean up and probably some laundry.

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Good afternoon! Been doing laundry. Trying to relax, only have two more days of vacation after today. It always goes way too fast.

Picking up Lauren this afternoon and then we are going to the vet for flea medications. I also have to spray the house so will have to put Emily in the garage when we leave. It's going to be interesting, trying to get a cat and dog into the car, move the car out of the garage, move Emily into the garage and then spray the house.

They're giving us meds for Emily since she is up on her exams, but the other two have never been to this vet. Bad thing is I can't find Chewie's shot records. He's coming up on needing his shots but can't really afford to do everything today.

It's sunny and cool here today. It's supposed to get up to around 67 tomorrow and 70 on Sunday, before turning cold again and possibly snowing on Monday. Just in time for me to go back to work. I'm thinking of taking Duray hiking somewhere either tomorrow or Sunday.

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Woke up to a dusting of snow and opening day of deer season. No school. Cold and major storm on the way in from the west and they are talking about several inches of that cold stuff. Got gas in both cars and plenty of food. Sue, your pies sure sound good and I love sweet potato pie, but sure can't find it here. Guess I will just have to go further south. Oh, yes temp in low 30's but expected to go down to almost 0 later in the week. Glad I got new boots this year. Enjoy your warm weather and have a great day.

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I missed most of this beautiful sunny day driving around shopping. Now it's 3pm but there's still time left to go outside and cut down a few things in the garden or even mow.

Wish I was good pie baker. Those pies sound terrific.

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Gorgeous weather! Went out to lunch with friends and we ate outside. Tomrrow I'll be outside at a family reunion. I admit it, I was disappointed that they'd made it November thinking we'd be too cold, but we got lucky! Sunny and in the mid-70s tomorrow. Gonna eat and talk all day.

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28 degrees here. Not sure what it was when I got up this morning. I'm taking a break. Just want to bawl my eyes out. Our accountant has been bugging me for years to switch from Quicken to Quickbooks. I bought it in 2008. I have installed, converted files, and uninstalled that program at least a dozen times since then. I just can't figure it out, I can't find anything, I can't customize the reports the way I need to . I can't print out a check to the postmaster with the amount left blank, or the grocery store for office stuff. I re-installed it again this morning. Converted all my Quicken files and, again, I can't find anything, I can't separate our trust from our regular account, it's screwing up the reports I depend on. I just want to throw this computer out the window!

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I'm working on my list....taking a break. Beautiful day here.

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I went out and mowed afterall,trying to run the gas out of the self-propelled Lawnboy. Walked the entire front yard and on the South side of the house, then let it idle awhile. There was still gas left and there wasn't that much in there to begin with. Simplest thing would be to go buy some gas stabilizer I guess. At least I got some exercise and some fresh air.

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I lied!! Temp is 21 above and cool wind.

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Water aerobics, first thing this morning.
Lunched at Irondale Cafe/Whistle Stop Cafe
Stopped Kohl's and bought several tops and matching jewelry.

Gotta change my bed.

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Started the day off at 7:00 at the gym. It's clear and sunny skies but cold. The day started at 0 degrees (32F) and will end up at about 8C (45F) which is colder than normal. But way better than rain. Got the grocery shopping done and then just finished making oatmeal raisin cookies.

Those sweet potato pies sound good.

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angelaid, I feel your pain with the QuickBooks! It's a thing of beauty when it works, but when it doesn't, grr! Are you near a community college with a business department that could be of help? Our local CC has an instructor who teaches night classes on QB, both for professionals/payroll and others who need the basics. Maybe even a student could get you up and running for a fair payment.

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