Eyebrows 101

JoAnn_FlaNovember 9, 2012

I just found this page and thought I'd share. I have never seen this done before......interesting.

Do you have any eyebrow secrets?

Here is a link that might be useful: eyebrows

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Do they have chin hairs 101. ??? Lol

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yep........here's one for chin hairs

Here is a link that might be useful: chin hairs

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Yep, those darned chin hairs require tweezing, one by one! If you use a dipilitory, you will have a beard!

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I don't have any chin hairs...fortunately...and I have about give up on my eyebrows because I can't see to pluck them.

I used to be a fanatic about keeping my eye brows plucked. I'd see older women and their eye brows growing in and looking like cactus spines, and I'd think, "Why don't they pluck their eyebrows?" Now I know. If I put on my glasses, I can't see my eyebrows. I could use a magnifying mirror but that is just too scary, so I just pretend that since I can't see them....no one else can either.

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The model's eyebrows were rather nice to begin with. I wish they'd use a 50+ (or 60+) model whose eyebrows are getting sparse.

My hair salon recommends brow powder, but I don't like it because on me it always ends up looking like.....brow powder. My favorite product has been Avon's Luxury Brow Liner in Blonde. But recently I've been having fun with a product I found at Dollartree: the Elf Eyebrow Kit.

It contains two little pans: one with a clay-like brown substances you can put on a stiff brush, and the other a lighter brown powder. After trying it once, I gave up on the powder. I brush the first stuff on my brows, and it clings to the hairs, darkening them. I finish with a little of the Avon pencil. It's the best look I've achieved in awhile--and the price was certainly right.

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I use a brow pencil and then Merle Norman brow powder.

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I have my eyebrows dyed when I have my hair color done. I like them to be A) a little lighter than their natural color and B) not gray. I keep them plucked and trimmed. I'd love to go and have them professionally cared for, but I can't rationalize the money. My hair already costs a king's ransom.

I do use a magnifying mirror to go after stray hairs. I've learned that if you sit really close, you can't see your whole face at once, so it is less scary.

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