Bad Timing for Insurance Claim

chisueNovember 9, 2012

Our problem is a nit compared to people with damage from Sandy, but I can't begin to guess when our broadsided car will be repaired. (Accident Oct. 20.)

Our at-fault driver is insured by Chubb Group. The adjuster sounds exhausted. She says I need to talk to the auto body repair shop. They say they can't proceed without approval of another $1K of work until they hear from the Chubb Group's estimator, Claims Solutions. No word in three days.

I can't reach Claims Solutions -- constant busy signal.

DARN that teen driver anyway!!!

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Call your state insurance department and ask what to do. Your agent or the claims adjuster agent from YOUR insurance company should be doing all this, not you. Also your company should fix the car and then collect from the other company. That is the way Allstate handled my claim. I hope this helps and by the way, sending hugs and a big cup of soothing tea to calm your nerves

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Does your state have an Insurance Commissioner? An e-mail to Chubb might get good results if your message to them is that you are going to make a complaint about the matter to the Insurance Commissioner. I understand many are having issues in the East, but it should not affect your ablity to get your problem solved in your neck of the woods. Do they have a Facebook or Twitter page? I've heard online complaints get quickly resolved.

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